Are You Born With a Genetic Disposition of Being a Male and Forced by Your Society to Confirm to Male Norms?

And you have so many years of your mind being a boy that sometimes it becomes very difficult to see the beauty that's in mirror. As a result, your conscience resists matching with your outwardly transitioning physical features.

The mismatch with your male conscience

Male conscienceA person of male gender will grow up with their perspective of the opposite gender and their ideal look of the opposite gender.

In your case it is what you want to look like but what you look at in the mirror for your growing up years makes you see more maleness then femaleness and certainly it is not what your idea female image you wish to be.

And unless your male conscience expands and becomes mature to accept your intrinsic need for a feminine identity you'll be in constant struggle internally and externally. Outside you'll be struggling with society's expectations and inside you'll struggle with your male conscience.

Introducing 7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis

7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis
The 7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis is a step-by-step system to resolve the gender identity mismatch between your conscience and your outwardly transitioning physical features. With this system your male conscience will expand becoming mature enough to accept your femininity.

Everything is done in a systematic manner so there is no resistance by your male conscience. There is nothing destroyed in or of you.

With the 7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis your male conscience will simply expand and become mature with a step-by-step system.

Step One: Learn To Relax

Jepanese-text Can you read the text of the image to the left? Most likely, you cannot. This is because it's in Japanese and I should not expect you to read it. You're not here to learn Japanese.

But as far as your consciousness is concerned, self hypnosis is a new language for you and to learn a new language you need to start with its alphabet, not with punctuation.

And that is where most hypnosis downloads flat out fail!

Other hypnosis downloads directly address your problem without considering a fact that you're going to struggle with when entering into trance. With the first step of "Learn to Relax" you'll learn...

The ABCD of self hypnosis

This step has three tracks which are dedicated to getting you under a trance; quickly and deeply.
This step will make sure that you reach a deeply receptive state of awareness, without any struggle.

Step Two: Freedom from Fears and Blocks

Your male conscience is not natural; it is a forced barrier on your consciousness and the barrier has been built by the blocks of fear.

Assembled to cripple your feminine expressions

Certainly you have been suppressing your feminine expression for years. Now they have shrunk and are blocked from your unconscious mind.

So we will need to remove these blocks and unnecessary fears from your mind. This will unblock your natural force of feminization. Unblocked, these expressions will give you the freedom you always dreamed of.

How are we going to do that?

This step can be used in two modes: The Automatic Mode and The Manual Mode.

Automatic Mode: Your male conscience is not a single thought. It consists of hundreds of unwanted thoughts and fears. These unwanted fears and blocks are deposited in the deep layers of your unconscious

With the Automatic Mode you'll be cleaning them in batches. Each session will clean dozens, if not hundreds, of them.


freedomManual Mode:
Each confrontation with society leaves a wound behind, and it may continue to bother you for the rest of your life.

With the Manual Mode you're armed with the weapons which are directed at a specific fear or block that you choose to eliminate. It will take 24 minutes or less. Afterwards that fear will never bother you again; it will be banished from the roots of your existence.

Step Three: Desire of Feminization

Perhaps this is the simplest step of the seven steps. Sooner or later, you're going to be overcome by anti-feminization feelings, the self-doubting thoughts. When this happens, this track is going to fill you with the desire to be feminized.

So, in the long journey of your transition, this will help you keep moving forward.

Step Four:

You did not grow up knowing how to apply makeup, sway your hips, flirt like a girl, or how to be seductive and glamorous—the essential package of how to carry yourself as a female. You can find generic information--articles, or even tutorials--on most of the above topics, but that will not be of much help to you.


Our day-to-day consciousness learns at a very slow pace. It is slow because processes by implementation. It deletes the information which is not suitable for your personality. So your conscious lessons have to be slow.

Take an example; sway of hips

sway-hips Girls start swinging their hips around the age of 11 or 12 and they practice a whole lot. When they make mistakes, they learn from their mistakes, and that's how it becomes their second nature.
Then they sway their hips on automatically, but that's not going to happen with you as early or as easily. Unless... inject the sway of your hips into your mind and convince your body to be comfortable with the swing.

How is that possible?
The Direct Education Method: The Direct Education Method integrates the "how to" instructions directly in your body and mind. It is as simple as when your food is digested. You just have to eat it and that's all.
It is the same with the Direct Education Method.
Once you have convinced your body and mind to walk, talk, and act like a female you'll be surprised that all the minute gestures and expressions are vibrating from within. You cannot generate these vibrations by watching some tutorials.
And these are the things that are the real reflections of being a female.

Step Five: Past Feminization

In India wise men used to say that your future is born from your past and this holds true for the first seven years of life.

The early seven years are the foundation of your life

past-feminization The first seven years will determine where you'll flow for rest of your life. All the experiences during this time are permanent images and they become the building blocks of your conscience.

During that time if you were convinced to be a male, that perception would be deeply accepted by your subconscious.

During this time we don't have much resistance to the perceptions of society. That perception is still being projected by your subconscious mind.

With the Past Feminization Hypnosis you can go to the very moment of your post-birth state and start re-creating it.

How does it work?

Actually your past is just a memory in your unconscious mind. It's like recorded data, or more like a movie. Your conscious mind uses it as the source of your habits and responses.

Surprisingly your unconscious doesn't have an intellect; it can be fooled easily and your memory can be updated.

The Past Feminization Hypnosis will permit you to pick any segment of your past and update it. With the update of your memory, your habits and responses will automatically change.

You might change your habit of overeating to attain that hourglass figure. This is just one example that comes to mind. You can imagine all the other possibilities.

Step Six: Switchover Feminization

In real life situations you struggle to relate and communicate like a female.

real-life-situation-feminizationActually there is so much to manage in such a small timeframe. Usually, you end up thinking rather than being able to respond in a natural way.

Switchover Feminization Hypnosis is a method associated with the fourth step. It will allow you to actualize the entire "how to" lessons from the fourth step in real life situations.

You'll be able to teach your conscience to communicate like a real woman. You will also be able to replace the masculine habits and behaviors with feminine skills and behaviors. It is easy and automatic for you.

Hence the feminine posture and mannerisms will be automatic. You'll be able to program your body to sit and stand like a natural woman without even thinking about it.

And it's not just outside;

Inside in your consciousness you'll naturally feel feminine, in all real life situations.

Nothing is uncontrolled. The Switchover Method gives you fine triggers to control this automation. So the automation is always controlled.

Seventh Step: Resolve Mismatch with Conscience

Resolve missmatch with conscienceYour male conscience is deeply resistant to change, so it is very hard to change it by direct methods such as hypnotic suggestions and affirmations.

One example of an indirect method is the second step where we have removed the fears and blocks you have in your subconscious.

The rest of the steps are preparing the situation for the change to happen.

The roots of your male conscience are stubborn; they'll resist a lot. That is why it doesn't accept your outwardly transitioned features.

There is a reason behind it. If he accepts your outside features his self identity has been transformed.

And he will not remain

Your conscience is the core of your self-image and as your conscience has a male identification, you're bound to have a poor self-image.
He constantly condemns you for your efforts to change him.

Because of the lack of female experiences and history, you have been relying on your male conscience.

Your male conscience has been powerful and you have been weak.

But as soon as you reach to the seventh step, things will change. With the fifth step you'll be creating your own female past and with the combination of the fourth and the sixth step you'll have the backup of all the feminine experiences.

Now your male conscience will look like a shrunken balloon. All the hot air has blown out. You're not dependent on him; now you can resolve the mismatch.

He has to go... …. She has to come

Although your male conscience is weak, it still has strong roots, so we will use an indirect method. With this method your male conscience will simply accept the change.

Instead of resisting, he will support and welcome her. On the contrary he will feel he is growing. So there is nothing destructive here. Your male conscience will simply mature and grow into feminine conscience.

It will match perfectly with your outwardly transitioning physical features.

The Risk of Losing Your Male Conscience

You may not want to save him but he wants to be saved. So we take all the destructive options off the table.
Actually he will be little uncomfortable with the idea of the resolution of the mismatch and he may try to stop you from taking the first step, which is buying into the system in this case.
But I would like to reemphasize that there is nothing destructive here. One day your male conscience has to mature and grow

The male conscience is not a natural outcome; society created it forcefully

Now the time has come for him to accept her and live as her. The past has to leave and the future has come; there is nothing to fear about it.

You can slowly grow into feminine consciousness. Step by step, one step at a time.

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The Bonuses

The Master Sequence

The Master Sequence
A recorded hypnotherapy session is a collection of dead digital sounds; the sounds that you hear in songs or music. Of course, it has a specific set of hypnotic suggestions. But they only work when you really know how to use hypnosis in a recorded format.

This master sequence will teach you how to properly use recorded hypnosis with a system which you can ingrain in your conscience.

3 Music Tracks for Relaxation

This compilation of relaxation music is well worth its price. Compared to the usual clunking, chirping, nature sound music available on the market, it is a whole new genre.

I have created this compilation for my clients and myself, specifically, to allow quick and easy entrance into a deep state of trance, adding binaural beats for maximum effect.

From my own experience I can say that this music is unbeatable for hypnosis and relaxation purposes.

30 Hypnosis Spirals

These spirals can either be used as part of the gaze method or in conjunction with our relaxation music.

When used with the music, the spirals will allow you to reach an extremely focused, altered state of mind.

The spirals are delivered in full size (11-inch) jpeg format and can easily be printed out from any color printer.

Special Inductions Bonus Pack

Special bonus pack This is a special package of targeted induction sessions to boost your feminization process, each one deals with a different issue.
1) Facial Feminization Bonus Session: Your face mirrors what you feel and, as feminine emotions and hormones start flowing through your system, your face reflects these changes and may cause major changes in your facial structure. As your face releases stress and tension, it becomes calm and relaxed. In no time you will see a new sensual and attractive face in the mirror. This kind of change cannot be achieved through plastic surgery, which can change some aspects of your face, but will, at best, create the look of an expensive plastic flower that can never blossom.

2) Feminizing Hormones: Right now, you have hormones in your body that obstruct your feminization process. This track will teach you how to influence your hormonal balance through your subconscious helping your body produce only those hormones that support your feminization process. This natural flow of female hormones will give you sensual, feminine looks and boost your vitality.

3) Breast Enlargement/Enhancement: Are you dissatisfied with the size and shape of your breasts? Is the shape of your breasts blocking you while attempting to feel sensual and beautiful and to project a naturally feminine image of yourself? This track teaches you that how to influence your subconscious and trigger exactly the kind of hormone flow you need for your breasts to become as big and beautiful as you want them to be. Your breasts will quickly develop into the healthy, voluptuous, well-shaped breasts that you envision for your perfect feminine self.

4) Feminine Voice: Are you unhappy with the sound of your voice? Does your voice prevent you from feeling sensual, feminine, and beautiful? A feminine voice is a vital element of femininity and getting your voice right is a crucial access point to your true feminine self. While part of your voice is natural, you will find that the other half can be changed by achieving exactly the pitch, tone, airflow, and style that you envision for yourself. With this mp3 file you will be able to find your true inner voice which is feminine, sensual, and perfectly beautiful.

5) Healing from Surgery: If you have undergone surgery in the course of your feminization efforts or plan to do so, this session will prove a boon to you. It will speed up your healing process and protect you from any side effects associated with surgery.

Here's What You Will Get With 7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis

Product And Formats

What You'll Learn

(Includes 3 different relaxation session in Mp3 format)

  • The ABCD of Self Hypnosis
  • Three Individual methods to Relax
  • Where to perform self hypnosis
  • How to identify your primary relaxation method
  • The zero pressure zone to learn self hypnosis
  • The fussiest misconception about self hypnosis

  • The control center of your feelings and emotions
  • How to remove your phobias
  • How to flush all unwanted fears you're carrying in your unconscious
  • The secret of unlocking feminine expressions
  • How to stop society to injecting more fears into you
  • The Deepest cleansing possible
    • How to boost your confidence (When faced with anti feminization feelings)
    • Why you should not avoid self doubting thoughts
    • The secret source of Feminine energy
    • How to keep your determination up in the long journey of your transition

  • How to walk talk and Act like a woman
  • The Direct Education method to teach your body and mind
  • Why you fail to act like a female
  • How to sway your hips, how to flirt like a girl, how to be seductive, glamorous.
  • The secret to live and become the woman of your dreams

  • Why you need to recreate your past
    How to recreate a particular part of your past
  • The Embryonic Feminization Script; One of its kind in world
  • The system to reborn as a female child
  • How to relive your past
  • How to weed out traumatic memories
  • The core secret to grow your male conscience into feminine
  • Replace male experiences with feminine ones
  • How to relate and communicate like a female
  • The secret to execute all your feminization learning's at one go (And effortlessly)
  • How to replace the masculine habits and behaviors with feminine skills and behavior
  • Why you don't feel like feminine and drop into deep conflict
  • The system to control your feminine actions without any efforts
  • How to use your favorite color as a feminization trigger
  • The secret to destruction-free feminization
  • How to grow your male conscience into feminine
  • Why your male conscience is so stubborn
  • How to let him go and invite her
  • The indirect method to finalize your transition process
  • How to resolve gender identity confusion form the roots of their existence
  • Why your male conscience constantly condemns you
  • The safest Feminization Hypnosis possible

  • A sequence which is inhabitable
  • How to turn dead digital sound into transformation Mantras
  • Why your body and mind should be in synchronicity for a good hypnosis session
  • How to become heart centered (The Hidden Method)
Special Bonus

Special Induction Bonus Pack
(Includes 5 Targeted Induction Session for different problems of feminization in Mp3 Format)


Very Soothing 3 Relaxation Music (Mp3)

High Resolution Hypnotic Spirals (Jpeg)

Special Offer
Track Count
7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis
7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis Premium Pack
Learn to Relax
Freedom from Fears

Step 3:
Desire of Feminization
Step 4:
"How to" Feminization
Past Feminization
Step 6:
Switchover Feminization
Step 7:
Resolve Mismatch with Conscience
The Master Sequence
(The Priceless PDF)
Hypnosis Spirals
(High Resolution Jpeg value 30$)

Special Bonus Induction Pack

Facial Feminization
Induction Session
(value 19.95$)
Relaxation Music
(Mp3 Tracks Value 29.95$)
Breast Enlargement/Enhancement Induction Session
(value 19.95$)
Feminine voice
Induction Session
(value 19.95$)
Healing From Surgery
Induction Session
(value 19.95$)
Feminizing Hormones
Induction Session
(value 19.95$)

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My Hesitation was...

My hesitation was that hypnosis can't help me to become the woman that I am inside. It helped me to gain confidence as a female.

My actions and attitude became more natural and flowed easily because I did not have to consciously think about my feminine deportment it was just happening at a subconscious level.

The easy to follow directions and the GREAT support and encouragement from you.

I do not think there is anything else out there that takes on that challenge in helping us girls to jump tracks and put our trolley on the "pink line" of natural feminine thinking, talking, walking, mannerisms, flirting and being healthy contributing members or our environments and societies. You are genius.

Monica Bozkurt :)


The Sessions Really do work!

I feel more confident in just going out there and proving to myself that I can be feminine and no one's like yell at me or give me a look like "what are you trying to pull!"

The sessions really do work whether your kind of easing back in the daytime before work or before bedtime.

It doesn't just work on easing tension or making you more open to suggestion, you really do learn that there is a time where YOU CAN let go of your thoughts and release the tension from your body.

I absolutely would recommend.

Being absolutely truthful, I don't think any ONE support product, therapy, session is can do it all, but this is an excellent supplement to many other support factors helping transgendered people (all who fall under this umbrella term) who wish to accentuate their feminine side.

It's very reassuring; it's about sowing the seeds of your own subconscious; it never feels like the suggestions are like I'm being pushed.

Thank you. Your products have been extremely helpful. I'm very passable Cheetu; ack in January; I do think of myself as Jen now, So thank you so much and whoever else helps you record your mp3s.



The terrible fear of facing the world as a woman

I found a powerful tool to face the powerful male part of my mind and my biggest fears, doubts, lack of confidence. The terrible fear of facing the world as a woman, I am using with great faith.

That really is a very powerful element to feminize the mind and soul, which is the basis of the feminization of the individual.

I am changing; I'm not the same person who began working with 7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis

The mirror and your mind will show the woman that you will be when you have finished the process and gradually you lose the fear to face with social taboos and personal.

The benefits go far beyond correcting a gender trouble. You will transform into a different, better person, besides becoming a girl.

Of course I do recommend it.

When something is really good, when something works and give satisfaction, we must recommend it.



"Found them! Excellent quality, Very professionally done"

I would without hesitation say that of all the tranny thumbs, sites, etc, that by far you are the best one...your programs are great and more importantly, you DO care about the people, it is not just about the money for you.

Found them! Excellent quality Very professionally done,

Thanks. John


I am glad that I purchased your system,

Your system is well thought-out, and comprehensive, the sequence makes sense.

I had used a Feminization hypno CD, and was looking for something a little more in-depth. I carefully considered your system, and read everything several times before I bought it. I was not really sure what to think at that point.

I am glad that I purchased your system, other than to say that your system is logically laid out, and comprehensive, thought-provoking, and relaxing.

I have recommended your system to someone I am in communication with.

Thank you, Gina Renee


It is very realistic, I can´t imagine how well.

I feel my needs and desires of being feminine more and more clear and feeling right with this emotions, more and more each day. And that is great, because sometimes I used to have fears, or guilt about these feelings.

And I must tell you that I love, really Love, the visualization that you let me feel in that situation, it is very realistic, I can´t imagine how well.

Again, thanks for letting me to listen these files.



And Of course, have tried several systems out there

I love your new program and Of course, have tried several systems out there, yours is the best. would recommend it to anyone.

Mainly confidence and presenting my self as a woman during my real life test.

Your program enabled me to live as a real woman, thank you very much.

Bless you, Connie

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With its simple instructions and accessible sessions it will allow you to unlock the sensual, beautiful woman hiding inside you, and enable you to live the life of your dreams. This is a lifetime opportunity, an investment in your own happiness you want to make as soon as possible!

Once you decide to try 7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis, all sessions are guaranteed 100 %!

If you are not satisfied, simply ask for your money back. We have a 210 days money-back guarantee, so you can take your time to decide. :)

If after you have listened and read and you decide that the program is not for you, or if you find that you have experienced no changes in your feminine transformation, then e-mail me with your order details, and I will refund your money. It is a simple guarantee that comes with No Questions Asked..

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Cheetu Jaisinghani - Master Hypnotist :)

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Why People Download

First I wasn´t observing any result

First I wasn´t observing any result, but now I believe that the subconscious effects are showing.

I feel my needs and desires of being feminine more and more clear and feeling right with this emotions, more and more each day. And that is great, because sometimes I used to have fears, or guilt about these feelings.

And I must tell you that I love, really Love, the visualization that you let me fee in that situation, it is very realistic, I can´t imagine how well.

Again, thanks for letting me to listen these files.


I found them very relaxing and go back to them as not just a feminization tool, but a way to center myself when I'm feeling off-center

I would recommend the Subconscious Feminization session, it's a great tool for building self-esteem and confidence.


Found them! Excellent quality Very professionally done

I would without hesitation say that of all the tranny thumbs, sites, etc, that by far you are the best one...your programs are great and more importantly, you DO care about the people, it is not just about the money for you.

Found them! Excellent quality Very professionally done,

Thanks. John