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The Step By Step Action Guide

An Adobe Acrobat PDF e-book, you can read it in any operating system.(PC, MAC or Linux). Just download the file from here and read this very small 8 page e-book from the mentor.

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30 Spirals Pack

In hypnotic relaxation you need a spiral. So I have created it, with many colors combination and patterns. These spirals are in jpeg format. You can choose some and print them for use with "Learn To Relax" tape.

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Step 1: Learn To Relax

This is the first session of "7 steps of femininzation". PC Users right click and "Save Link As" to the link, MAC users just open the link.

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Complete Inductions Of "7 Steps Of Feminization Hypnosis"

See how inductions work, repeat them in your mind and you will feel transforming, these induction are originally from "7 Steps Of Feminization Hypnosis".

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