The Feminine Breathing System
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Why are modern women are losing their breasts?
How to be instantly in a state of breast enlargement.
Why breathing suggestions are so important in hypnosis.

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7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis

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Would you like to be able to fill a "C"-cup bra and expect to have fuller and rounder breasts without undergoing surgical options which are dangerous and don't always yield the best results, especially to those who are more mature?

Fragrance Fuller, perky breasts are like the fragrance of a rose. The fragrance of a rose is a part of the foreplay in the phenomena of pollination. The fragrance works as a device of attraction, a wonderful allurement which leads to pollination.
Fuller, perky breasts are not much different from the fragrance of the rose; they're part of foreplay. As the fragrance is not controlled to happen separately, we cannot attain round and attractive breasts without having foreplay in the situation.


Breast enlargement Hypnosis Course
With Cheetu's Breast Enlargement Hypnosis Course you'll learn a simple system to unblock the sources of your feminine hormones.

You'll learn how to naturally stimulate all the breast growth hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, and Prolactin) by imitating the valuable moments of foreplay. With Cheetu's Breast Enlargement Hypnosis Course you'll grow fuller, perky breasts. Hence you'll be able to actualize your dream of having noticeable cleavage.

Moreover, Cheetu's Breast Enlargement Hypnosis Course is not dangerous at all; it doesn't impart anything unnatural, it doesn't teach you any stupid exercises.
It doesn't take years of treatment before you can see the noticeable results (results are visible within weeks).

But Why Bother With Foreplay?

Simply because foreplay creates anticipation and a stimulus to your femininity. And things are alive only when they're stimulated. When your femininity is stimulated your hormonal glands produce more estrogen. Then your body, the whole organism, actually tries to get into the female shape. It tries to capture more and more attention, and we very well know the biggest factor of attraction for men. :)

The Flow of Feminizing Hormones!

hormonesThe flow of hormones is an involuntary process; you cannot control it by your own will.

In fact, your state of mind is heavily affected by the flow of hormones. For example, when you're angry your body releases tons of testosterone and reduces the level of cortisol (the stress hormone). The testosterone excites you and makes your blood thinner.

And with testosterone your blood can carry more oxygen and energy with it.

You feel full of energy and power. You may not realize that testosterone is behind all this energy. To an extent you may be able to control your anger but once your body starts to take over it is beyond your concience to be in control.

It is your mind which evokes you to express extreme anger. If you don't do so it may become dangerous to repress excessive anger.

We have another name for the mind of your body (the subconscious mind)

It is the subconscious mind which controls your hormonal glands, and creates the very unique combination of hormones you need to have for every situation.

Yes! There is no fixed chemical equation for a hormone. Their combination is absolutely unique each time they are produced by your body. That is why artificial hormones have side-effects on your body. They're not created as per your body needs.

Hence we use hypnotic simulations to motivate your subconscious mind to produce the unique combination of feminine hormones that your body needs at that specific time. There are several hormones responsible for breast growth, and you'll need a specific arrangement of chemicals for your breast growth. The mind of your body is the only entity who knows about its needs.

But your subconscious is critical to deal with

Your subconscious is always working for your good; very alert and accurate in its executions. This is the problem with it in the case of having it working as per set target. Just because it is so accurate in its execution, it does not allow open communication. Otherwise you could easily disturb all the vital functions of your body.

Hence, your subconscious is very reluctant to accept any commands from you. Due to this resistance we need a safe and effective system to communicate with the subconscious mind.

Cheetu's Breast Enlargement Hypnosis Course is absolutely safe because most of the messages are delivered indirectly; the messages are indirect because they simulate the moments of foreplay. These moments of foreplay automatically excite your hormonal glands to secrete all the feminine hormones.

With this system you can grow your breasts to fill up a "C"-cup bra within a few months and you can have noticeable cleavage while wearing a low-cut top with a properly fitted bra.


Moments-foreplyThe Attraction Phase: This is one of the most important phases of foreplay. Experiencing it is way more exciting than reading about it.

This is the stage when a girl's body will start growing into a woman and her hormones will start to change her appearance and shape.

The women who pass this stage with totality, will grow very attractive and beautiful breasts for their lifetime.

Breast Hypnosis Results

Breast Hypnosis ResultsAs the girl's body starts to change, she'll start getting attention from the people around her, specifically to her breasts.

This is a very subtle attention because the people will not directly look at her breasts but they'll have the very first glimpse of her breasts (especially men).

This attention is critical because the breasts are supposed to attract men and when they succeed to a certain extent, the girl starts to feel good about her breasts. The girl may not be physically involved with any man but the flower has started to unfold.

The Exponential Growth
The more attention she gets, the more her breasts will grow, and with bigger breasts she will get more attention, and they go on feeding each other.

But if your femininity was not nurtured and praised then your feminine hormone glands will work at a minimum level, producing the minimum hormones. Hence your body won't look very feminine and fat will settle down at the wrong parts of your body. You'll not look desirable, which ultimately leads to 99% blockage of feminine hormones.

real-gameThe Real Game...
With Cheetu's Breast Enlargement Hypnosis Course you'll be able to simulate the moments of attraction (pre-foreplay) along with the real foreplay where you'll be able to watch and feel your breasts being loved and praised.

These simulated moments will activate the flow of hormones and tissue growth.
With each session of foreplay simulation your body will start to produce important hormones and to digest all the essential proteins and fats to increase the size of your breasts.

Soon enough, when you see the results, your confidence will be boosted and these results will multiply to the extent where you'll be able to have noticeable cleavage.

The Orgasm Simulation!

If the estrogen produced with foreplay simulation doesn't reach to its peak, your hormone glands feel as if it is futile to go on producing the hormones. Hence on one hand we use the foreplay simulation to help your glands to generate feminine hormones and on the other hand we use the orgasm simulation to help those hormones reach to climax. Therefore, you have the uninterrupted flow of feminine hormones.

The Hungry Hormones!
Are hormones hungry? Obviously, naturally they are. Testosterone is hungry to meet estrogen, it's not only hungry, it's crazy! With orgasm simulation your hormonal glands will relax and feel worthy of generating more hormones.


The Feminine Breathing System

Why are modern women are losing their breasts?
How to be instantly in a state of breast enlargement.
Why breathing suggestions are so important in hypnosis.

The Three Core Stages of Self Hypnosis

How to get the exact size of breasts you're looking for.
What are the three core stages of self hypnosis?
Why the state of no thinking is utterly important for any result to happen.
The critical microsecond moment under hypnosis (the make it or break it moment).

The Foreplay Hypnosis

The source of reaction-free hormone stimulation.
How to stimulate Estrogen? (And only in the required quantity.)
The parallel method which can change the very blueprint of your body.

The Sequential Simulation in Breasts

The control tower method to send messages to your body.
How to directly talk to your breasts and suggest to them to grow.
How to increase blood flow into your breasts.
How to grow breast cells, tissues, and muscles

The Transformation Triggers

How to get rid of all negative emotions and inhibitions you have about your breasts.
How to have beautiful curves that define female sensuality.
The secret method of associating simple actions (pressing thumb with finger) with breast growth.

The Subliminal Simulators

How to automatically revise all the suggestions.
The secret source of transformation through growth hormone.
Why silent messages go deeper than the active messages.
The system of silent messages (and how it works).
And there is much more :)

Breast enlargement Hypnosis Course

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