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From here, you can kick start your feminization process through hypnosis. All resources available here are full and free without any teasers. You should read the action guide first and use printed spirals for going in deep trance, while listening to first step of learn to relax.

So no more instructions, go and enjoy .

The Step By Step Action Guide

The Action Guide is an Adobe Acrobat PDF e-book, as such it can be read on any form of operating system, including PC, MAC or Linux.

Using our link you can download a small 8 page e-book as written by the mentor.

Just right click on the link below and then select "save link as ", and you will have your own copy of the e-book.

Click here to download

30 Spirals Pack

Spirals are an integral part to hypnotic relaxation.

To help I have created this pack that has numerous color and pattern combinations.

Created in jpeg format, then can be printed off and used in conjunction with the "Learn to Relax" file.

Just right click on the link below and then select "save link as ", you will then have your own copies of the spirals to use.

Click here to download

Hypnotic Relaxation Mp3

PC Users right click on the download link and "Save Link As" to save a copy of the Hypnotic Relaxation mp3 file, MAC Users can just open the link.

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"My initial concerns before ordering were, was it a scam?"

My initial concerns before ordering were (a) if it would work and (b) was it a scam. I had no concerns over the price.

I've only been using it for four weeks - and I'm into Step 4. It is therefore not possible to give a full review at this stage. However, to date I have been amazed by the effectiveness of the sessions. In a very short time I've become much more relaxed, confident and spontaneous (noticed and remarked on by friends and family) - even to the extent of improving my posture and the way I move. I've had a few really amazing experiences of female sensuality too. These really took me by surprise.

It is hard to pick out a favorite feature - and I've mentioned benefits to date above. However, it is worth saying that I've been impressed by your speedy responses to my e-mailed questions.

I'd certainly recommend 7 Steps based on its amazing effectiveness on me to date. I just wish I'd found it years ago!

It has already given me a lot. What I really want from it is to help me to reach my chosen direction in the best way possible. I've high hopes that it will.

Keep up the good work - and if I can help in any way then please let me know.

Kind Regards
Georgina Amanda Terry

"I wasn't sure that it would really do anything at all"

The recordings are high quality and produced very well. The inductions are very effective and I was able to enter a trance each time. The young lady's voice is very effective and easy to understand. The sequences of recordings build very powerfully and are well organized.

I wasn't sure that it would really do anything at all, but I thought it was priced reasonably to try. At first I didn't think I would like to listen to the recordings over and over again, but that didn't happen.

I didn't know if I could trust the hypnotist. The changes were difficult to recognize at first, but now I know real changes have occurred. I actually look forward to listening to the recordings.

The hypnotic suggestions are exactly what were described and so now I completely trust the recordings. The biggest benefits are that it really can change a person, they can be trusted to do what they are described to do, and the process leaves me relaxed and enjoying the change.


"I love the tone of your voice"

I like how relaxed and nice I feel while being entranced. I love the tone of your voice, it is so soothing and comforting. I also like how it gives me the ability to pursue my feminization, without it I would never pursue it. I just bought 7 or so pairs of panties as well as a corset. I found myself shopping for styles rather than just buying a few to satisfy a need.

Biggest benefits are ability to pursue your dream, confidence it provides as well as feeling better about oneself, relaxation and escape it provides from everyday problems.

I would absolutely recommend, especially because of your dedication and support of your Product keep up the good work and excellent support.

Many thanks
JJ Timothy

"I was not really sure what to think at that point"

Your system is well thought-out, and comprehensive, the sequence makes sense.

I had used a Feminization hypno CD, and was looking for something a little more in-depth. I carefully considered your system, and read everything several times before I bought it. I was not really sure what to think at that point.

I am glad that I purchased your system, other than to say that your system is logically laid out, and comprehensive, thought-provoking, and relaxing.

I have recommended your system to someone I am in communication with.

One thing I would have liked is a track that can be looped and played all night while I sleep. I made a rudimentary one, taking the main phrases from each Hypno-track, and stringing them together on a CD; it sounds spliced, but I play it nightly anyway. It would be nice to have a quality-made one, with Bi-Neural Beats in the back ground. If you would make one for me, I would gladly purchase it.

It would be nice to be able to communicate with others who are using your system, to get feedback on what has worked, or not for them. I tried Yahoo Groups, and there was no response. A forum on your site, or linked through your site would be nice. I would really like to know how others are doing.

Thank you,
Gina Renee


In Brief, You Are About To Receive Within

"7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis"

Step1 : Learn to Relax

Step2 : Freedom from all The Guilt, Fears and Blocks

Step3 : The Desire of Feminization

Step4 : Feminization of Mind :-

• The Aura of feminization

• Feminizing your Being

• Feel Woman to Yourself

• Feminizing Hormones

• Feminine Confidence

• Feminine Attraction

Step 5 : Feminization Of Body :-

    • Facial Feminization

    • Feminine Body

    • Breast Enlargement/Enhancement

    • Feminine Voice

    • Feminine Soft Skin

    • Feminine Hair

Step 6 : Feminine Sexual Communication :-

• Sexual Hormones.

• Enjoy Sexual Moments.

• Power of Seduction.

• Sexual Performance.

• Sexual Satisfaction.

Step 7 : Eternal Sexual Feminization :-

• Sexual Arousal

• Enjoy Orgasms

• Eternal Orgasms


Supporting Additional Material

Step-By-Step Action Guide

This action guide is a small e-book that will mentor you through all the successes and problems of your transformation.

It is a step-by-step guide that takes you from your first steps in your transformation, until you reach the end goal of being the woman of your dreams.

10 Relaxation Music

You will also be given a collection of 10 deep relaxing music files, which can be used in three ways:

1. Prior to the start of a session for deeper relaxation

2. As a break between two sessions

3. After the session has been finished to act as a deepener for the induction

30 Hypnosis Spirals

These spirals can either be used as part of the gaze method, or can be used in conjunction with the relaxing music.

When used with the music the spirals will allow for a focused and altered state of mind to be reached.

The spirals will be received in full size (11 inch) jpeg format that can be easily printed on any color printer.

Free Bonus Material !

Bonus 1 : "The Beginners Guide to Self Hypnosis"

This is an e-guide for beginners to find out about hypnosis.

This e-book contains information on self-hypnosis, vivid visualization, scripts, and examples for all different circumstances.

This e-book is an excellent guide for all those who are new to hypnosis.

It will act as a guide through the processes involved in hypnotizing yourself, and will also look into the use of self-hypnosis in dealing with major life issues, and resolving them to meet desired goals.

Bonus 2 : "Audio Editing Software"

If you find that you want to create your own inductions to help with your self-hypnosis then this free software will allow you to edit your own audio files. Within this bonus package you will find a number of features, including:

• One click recording

• Noise reduction filter

• Mixing with vocal inductions

• Easy editing

• Fill background music

• Multiple format support

Complete Details Of The 7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis

Format: Do I get Mp3 cd's or can I get audio downloads? Do You Send CD's?
Delivery: How is the Mp3 files delivered?
Payment Methods: Can I pay by credit card? Cheque? Paypal?
Compatibility: Will it play on my Mac or PC?
Guarantee: Is there a guarantee?
Support: Do I get any support?
Privacy: Is my purchase private? Is Product Delivery Discreet?
Order Button: I cannot find the order button on this page?
Voice: Does this have male or female voice?
Free Trial: Do you have Free Samples?
Space: How much space it occupies in Ipods, Mp3 Players and flash drives?
Non Natives: Does this work with non native English speakers like Brazilians, French's, esopnoal's and others who understands basic English?
Currency: Are all the payments in US Dollars only? Is there a special for any country?

Format: You'll get Audio files in Mp3 format and an e-book on how to use these audio files for the desired results. We also send CD's with an additional cost of $18 and for that you have to order for CD version.

Delivery: The Audio files will be delivered via the Internet or through CD's. Internet: You will be taken to a download page where you get very, very detailed instructions (the page itself is worth seeing) on how to download audio files and an e-book.
CD'S: If you want to order full package in one single CD with instructions and bonus material that runs on any CD/DVD players and computers, then it will cost you USD 136 including shipping and handling. The files will be in MP3 format so that you would be able to transfer files to portable MP3 players, Ipods and Iphones, and you can keep the backup of a cd in your computer also.

Payment Methods: You can pay via credit card, via Paypal, via Money Order or a Direct bank Transfer. And on request, via a snail-mail cheque. Of course the fastest system is the credit card system, and the slowest is the cheque, because we'll need the cheque to clear before you get access to the information. And, if payment is not processed, Please use form at the bottom of the page, describing the error you are getting, and the support will resolve the issue.

Compatibility: The audio files are compatible with all mp3 players, computers, Ipods, Iphones, and flash drives. And yes, if you want to burn CD's to use in CD/DVD players, so there are instructions on how to put the audio onto CD or onto your mp3 player (Ooh yes we're thorough!)

Guarantee: Yes, there is a guarantee. It's a 7 Months 'Smiley Guarantee'. This means we'll refund your money with a smile if you find the products not to be as you expected. The smile is important. If you don't feel the Package works for you, we will issue a prompt refund. All you have to do is email to us.

Support: Yes, I give my full support to all of my customers as well as the subscribers of 7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis. If you have any issue or a confusion regarding our Product, you can email me and I'll do the best I can to help you. However I do respond to email in 24 hours or less. So yes, I'm around. :)

Privacy: Absolutely Yes, your purchase is completely private; first, there won't be our Product name on your credit card statement,(PayPal will appear) next the product will be delivered to your email address with secure access to download area and finally, we have strict privacy policy, so we never ever share any Client information. No exceptions!

Order Button: If you are unable to find the Order Button on this page Please follow the below URL and you will be on the payment page directly. http://www.hypnosisin.com/Order

Voice: The Recordings we have, in the Female voice.

Free Trial: If you want to be assure about the quality of the Package, so please follow the below URL and you will be on the Free Feminization Hypnosis Download page.

Space: There are 23 Sessions in the package and each session occupies 25 MB and the complete package is less than 700 MB.

Non-Natives: Yes, non- native English speakers like Brazilian, French, Espanol and others who understands basic English, can use 7 steps of Feminization Hypnosis also. The inductions are in very simple to understand English with full transcripts, so that, you can understand every single thing.

Currency: All payments are in US Dollars. The system will convert the USD amount to your own currency when you get your credit card statement. In some cases, depending on where you're from, you may be able to see the conversion rate in your own currency before you pay (this feature is not available for all currencies).

Is there a special? : The price is the same for all our customers. There's no special for any Country.


The Monetary Value of

"7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis"

Special Offer
Track Count
Mp3 Download
CD By Air Mail
Step-By-Step Action Guide (PDF- Instructions)
Step 1:
Learn to Relax
Step 2:
Desire of Feminization
Step 3:
Freedom from Fears
Step 4:
Feminization of Mind
Step 5:
Feminization of Body
Step 6:
Sexual Communication
Step 7:
Eternal Sexual
10 Relaxation Music (Mp3 Tracks Value 75$)
Hypnosis Spirals (High Resolution Jpeg value 30$)
Audio Editing Software (Valued at 150$)
The Beginners Guide to Self Hypnosis (PDF E-Book Value 29.95 )
Special Price
24 Hypnosis sessions+ Bonuses
US$118.00 (This special is only valid for this page)
US$136.00 (This special is only valid for this page)

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How Good Is"7 Steps Of Feminization Hypnosis"?
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So Get Your Copy Now...

This could well be the most important money that you will ever spend when it comes to transforming yourself.

I can assure each and every one of you that you will be able to transform yourself into the woman of your dreams. It doesn't even matter at what part of the transformation process you are at, at the moment.

I know that the inductions, suggestions and guides that I have developed will be able to feminize you but I also know that people are fearful of taking a risk. That is why I have taken all of the risk out of the process, and I am giving you the chance to see just what the products I offer can do for you.

The order button below will take you to a secure ordering page, where you can download all of the relevant files.

Take the time to listen through the mp3 files from start to finish, and you will discover that energy is flowing through you. This energy can feminize your body, mind and spirit.

Take 210 days, that's 7 full months, to read though the guide book, apply the suggested techniques and you will soon notice the difference.

If after you have listened and read and you decide that the program is not for you, or if you find that you have experienced no changes in your feminization transformation, then e-mail me with your order details, and I will refund your money. It is a simple guarantee that comes with No Questions Asked..

I want everyone to become the woman of their dreams. I know just how much demand there is out there, and everyday I get messages from satisfied customers who have been successful in using my mp3 files to TRANSFORM themselves.

These messages are very moving, and I love everyone who has given my inductions a go. It is their messages of praise that continues to motivate me to do more for them. I will always be there for each and everyone, and will give my personal help.

Ordering Is Safe and Easy

You will find the order process is simple and safe to use. It started with the order button below that takes you to a secure ordering page, where you need to supply your credit card information. You will see that I use Paypal, as it is the most secure process, for your protection and for mine.

By using this secure ordering method, you will be able to download all elements of the hypnotic feminization courses. This means that all the mp3 files, as well as the step-by-step guides in PDF format, can be downloaded straight on to your PC, MAC or Linux. There is no need to wait for your postal service to deliver, as everything is available in electronic format. Rather than days or weeks you can be listening to the mp3 files in a matter of a few minutes.

To reiterate, all of your personal details, and transaction history, are totally secure. This is because everything is undertaken through the secure Paypal server, which ensures that all of the information is encrypted with some of the best encryption technology available anywhere in the marketplace. So you can be assured that everything is as secure and as private as it can be.

Once you have downloaded the mp3 and PDF file, I would recommend that you take the time to read through the step-by-step action guide.

Once you have read the guide, then use the two bonus e-books and the included software. You will find many useful techniques within the e-books, and the software can be used even by those with limited technical knowledge.

I know that you will find that the mp3 files and guides central to your feminization transformation, and the information will be used throughout your life.

And isn't THAT important?

Yes Cheetu, I Just Want To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now!

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Self Hypnosis Expert
Founder Of www.hypnosisin.com

P.S. Remember also that our products for feminization come with a complete 7 month guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are not totally convinced that the "7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis" are helping you change into the woman of your dreams, then I will give all of your money back. All that you need to do is to contact me, confirming your order details, and I will return your money with no questions asked.