Learn Self Hypnosis And Be The Master of Your Mind

Welcome to this lesson in self hypnosis.

If you are looking to become the master of your own mind then you should take the time to learn how to undertake hypnosis.

Those that do not take the time to learn about self hypnosis will remain a slave to their own mind.

For those of you looking to earn all about self hypnosis then there is a simple process of five steps that need to be mastered, these are -

• Relaxation

• Deepening

• Imagination

• Suggestion

• Termination.


The first step that needs to be mastered when it comes to self hypnosis is relaxation.

Relaxation is the root of hypnosis, and the more that you are relaxed the easier self hypnosis will be.

Relaxation is vital, as an active conscious mind will result in a rejection of your hypnotic suggestions.

Relaxation though can be easily achieved with the use of a few simple techniques. Becoming relaxed though is quite hard to achieve when you are in a hurry, and it is not something that everyone can achieve.

Some people will find it very easy to relax, whilst others will have to work at it. There are plenty of self hypnosis and relaxation techniques though that can be chosen to suit each individual's personality.

It is though important not to try and force your mind to get into a relaxed state, your mind will follow where your physical body leads, so just leave all of your tensions behind.

Get into a comfortable position and you will find that eventually you will become relaxed; it may though take time for those who are beginners. Don't worry if relaxation doesn't come immediately, it is not about speed it is about relaxing.


Deepening is the part of self hypnosis where you fall deep into a trance.

Again like relaxation it is something that the beginner may struggle to achieve, and may not even recognize that they are in a trance once they achieve the hypnotic state.

The more practice you get though the easier it will become to get into the deep trance and the easier it will become to recognize that you are there.

Getting into a hypnotic trance is in many ways very similar to falling asleep. Just as we do not know when have fallen asleep, you wont know that you have entered the hypnotic state.

The difference though is that in a hypnotic trance you do not lose consciousness, whilst falling asleep means that we are unconscious and will not remember what has happened when we were asleep.

If you have ever tried to recognize the moment that you fall asleep, then you will know that you can't fall asleep. Hypnosis works in the same way and if you try and recognize the moment you fall into the trance, then you will not achieve the hypnotic state.


Once you have undertaken the deepening stage of self hypnosis then it is time to move onto imagination.

Imagination is vital to the whole self hypnosis process, as imagination provides an entry point into your inner reality.

You will find that you are much more open to suggestions when you are completely separate from your surroundings.

Imagination of course is not limited to the physical laws of the universe in which we live. You can imagine anywhere, at any time, and you can imagine that you are alone or a face in a crowd.

It is possible to create your own inner world, it is a place where all of your desires can come true, and as such is an integral part of self hypnosis as it is the place where suggestions can be used to solve your problems.

This inner world is of course a place where you are totally free to imagine whatever you want to.


A fourth step to self hypnosis is suggestions. Suggestions are the method by which your desires are put into your subconscious mind.

Having come up with your inner world, you are then ready to give it the ideas to shape it.

You have now opened up your subconscious mind, and so it is time to start making positive and direct suggestions.

When it comes to creating suggestions it is important that every word used as some meaning to you. Sentences used should be short and straight to the point, and also memorable.

Positive words are vital, the use of negative words like "no" are the reason why conflict occurs in your mind. The success of your suggestions comes about by the careful selection of the words used, you will find though that the correct use of positive suggestions opens up an infinite range of possibilities for your mind.

There is a page on "How to choose and create self hypnosis script" read on for better clarity on self hypnosis suggestions.


Termination is the last step when it comes to learning about self hypnosis.

Having undertaken suggestions, it is time to bring hypnosis to a close and return back to your normal activities.

Termination of the hypnosis sessions is caused by sending an awakening instruction to your mind.

The best and most effective method is to count backwards, as this gives the mind time to adjust to a normal state.

With this method you basically say to your mind that as you count down to one you will be fully awake and alert. You then say - three, I am getting more awake; two, I am becoming more alert; one, I am now awake.

You may want to take time to rest and relax after your hypnosis session. It is also important to remember that if you intend to sleep after your session that you give clear instructions to your mind to end your session. This will mean that can get the sleep you require.

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