"Me and MY Experiences with Self Hypnosis"

Hi! I'm from India and people call me Cheetu. I'm 29 years old and for me, self hypnosis is my passion.

From fourteen years, I have been interested in this area of "HIDDEN POWERS OF MIND".

I have tried each and every thing to tap hidden powers of my mind like yoga, tantra, mantra, meditation, affirmation, kundalini, fasting, breathing techniques, self hypnosis and about everything you can imagine.

India is a hub for this stuff. At the age of fourteen, I engaged myself in the search of my own powers, and now after the fourteen years this search has been finished with the discovery of a self hypnosis system. Now I have explored my experiences with self hypnosis and this I want to share with you.

I have spent fourteen years and this is not a short period for having experience.

Secondly, I hypnotize myself from the beginning & now after this long experience I'm here to help others in hypnosisin.com


Here are some of my experiences with self hypnosis


This unique system has worked for me every time, like:


In June 2005, I was trapped in a conspiracy by my network marketing business associates. They miss-guided one of my down line group of 72 members against me. They had dangerous intentions towards me. I was in such a bad situation that many times I saved myself with them. In our business meetings they used to come with a gun & wanted to use on me. They forced me to do, what they want & warn me that if I didn’t satisfy them, they’ll kill me. But thanks to the great power of self hypnosis, I was successful in saving my life without obeying them.


I always have disputes with my father. So, I finally decided to leave my family business in 2001. Later, I earned enough money through selling my skills & ideas only. I started with only $20 & very soon my sales were increased upto $12000 per year, with the net profit of $11000 per year. I've never in short of fresh creative ideas. Through self hypnosis I put suggestions to my subconscious mind for better skills.


As my career started I become top in sales, top in relations, top in profit, within a spam of 12 weeks only. I started my carrier as a medical representative. Then after some time I decided to start my own business of mobile multimedia services. It was first of its type in my city. And again in twelve weeks I become top in sales & top in income with abundance of Self Hypnosis.


I was poor in sexual performance. My girlfriend used to laugh on me. It was a problem of premature orgasm. I tried to overcome with this problem but the result was zero. Then I created a powerful suggestion for this problem, now she run away when we have matting.


I have changed five professions in my life and shifting with a new image into different places and customers has never been a hard task for me. I have convinced doctors in pharmacy line, large groups in network marketing, super seller of mobile services in my area & so on. This all become easy just by self hypnosis otherwise if I hadn’t used this technique, then I surely can say that my life definitely would have been harder today.

Believe it or not, but really, what I'm telling to you is my real life experience.

So, this was my small story with long experiences.

"Thanks for reading me"

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