The Anti Anxiety Triggers for Transgenders and Croessderssers 

(When faced with a situation in which you need to walk, talk, and act like a woman but doubt yourself, a blank space opens up in your mind.)

(What are the reasons for this blank space?)

The main reason for this blank space is the male subconscious you have developed throughout your life.

The second reason is lack of experience as a woman.

You don’t have a female past, so your subconscious doesn’t know what to do. The blank space creates anxiety or makes your confidence crumble.

Why does the blank space lead to anxiety attacks and lack of confidence?

The blank space triggers an anxiety attack or makes your confidence crumble.
When this happens repeatedly, the blank space becomes a more and more powerful trigger, so you are more likely to suffer these symptoms, unless you disconnect the trigger.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to disconnect such a strong trigger.

So how can you stop anxiety?

In your mind, ‘going out’ is connected with the blank space, and the blank space is connected with fear and anxiety. We cannot disconnect the blank space from anxiety, but we can connect ‘going out’ with confidence and a sensation of comfort.

Then we repeat this new connection so many times that the old habit of stressing about anxiety disappears. Soon, it will seem like lit never existed.

Introducing “The Ring Finger Trigger”

The Ring Finger Trigger enables you to overcome the fear of being “Read” in public places. It’s a system that doesn’t allow anxiety to even rise.

A simple trigger that enables you to instantly boost your confidence weather it’s an entrance of a mall, club or on a date.

How does it work?

The simulators: it is very fine to be confident when you’re sitting in your room, but how to be confident when you need to be? There is a simple way to simulate lack of confidence and there is a simple method to simulate different anxieties you face. And with this simulate method you’ll easily win over anxieties.

How can you connect ‘going out’ with confidence and comfort?

Hypnotic simulators are very close to the simulators used to train astronauts. Astronauts simulate space conditions in special water tanks to experience weightlessness.

Fighter plane pilots simulate fighting situations and war using computer screens.

In a similar way, you can use your brain as a computer screen. On this screen, you can actually see what is happening - AND you can create your own situations - you can put any situations on this screen you experience in daily life that are difficult for you to deal with.

How can I create a simulation?

The Ring Finger Trigger session has inbuilt simulations for anxiety situations and the essential training sequence.

The training sequence, train your brain and body to use the learned trigger at the exact moment.


Imagine you are in a bar asking for a drink or going to the mall when people suddenly come walking towards you. Anxiety starts sneaking up on you.

This is your situation; you have created a simulation - and you are in control. People cannot react as they usually would, but you can act with confidence, you can feel comfortable, you can visualize yourself walking, talking and acting like a woman.

This method may seem unrealistic to you now.

But trust me, you are not simply ‘imagining things’ here. Your mind takes these simulations very seriously. Your subconscious doesn’t know what is real and what is simulated.

As you repeat your simulation several times imagine how anxiety sneaks up on you, how fear tries to attack you in certain situations. Then, imagine you beat these emotions with confidence and feel completely comfortable about you appearance.

After repeating this a few times, your subconscious will start replacing the old connection of blank space=anxiety with a new connection, and from now on, whenever you want to go out, you will feel comfortable and at ease.

The simulation creates a safe zone.

This is your imagination and in your imagination, things happen only if you allow them to happen.

You are completely safe in this zone, and can train your mind to be cool, calm and comfortable. You need to practice this at least three to five times before you actually start to see yourself as more confident, and as a result, feel more confident.

Your subconscious will perceive the simulations as real, and the process will gradually make the old connection of blank space=anxiety disappear.

The first time you manifest the simulated feelings in real life, this will boost your confidence again, and the next time you go out, the way you feel about going out will already be much more positive. Worry not; your confidence will exponentially grow from here!

Here is what you’ll learn with "Unlock Your Inner Women"

-When efforts should be avoided? And where to place them
-Why an incredibly entry done in wrong posture fails flat
-Why you lose confidence, when you try too much
-How to avoid depression with simple triggers

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Time Less Principals of Self Hypnosis (PDF)
Summary -

The Ring Finger Trigger: A simple trigger that enables you to instantly boost your confidence weather it’s an entrance of a mall, club or on a date.

Time Less Principals of Self Hypnosis: Most hypnosis packs are created without any guidance and there is no how to when to what to. Plus they take for granted that everyone knows the fundamentals of using hypnotherapy sessions and they don’t even discus that.
What You'll Learn:

-When efforts should be avoided? And where to place them
-Why an incredibly entry done in wrong posture fails flat
-Why you lose confidence, when you try too much
-How to avoid depression with simple triggers

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When you apply makeup and dress to fit the occasion, you feel a sort of emptiness inside your mind. And later on as you move out, this emptiness is filled with anxiety and lack of confidence.

And once this blank space is occupied by anxiety, it is nearly impossible to overcome it, fill this blank space with confidence and attitude


Cheetu Jaisinghani - Master Hypnotist :)

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The Ring Finger Trigger session doesn’t allow anxiety to even rise


Have tried several systems out there

I love your new program and Of course, have tried several systems out there, yours is the best. would recommend it to anyone.

Mainly confidence and presenting my self as a woman during my real life test.

Your program enabled me to live as a real woman, thank you very much.

Bless you,

Fantastic - I was touched to tears

My hesitation was that hypnosis can't help me to become the woman that I am inside. It helped me to gain confidence as a female.  My actions and attitude became more natural and flowed easily because I did not have to consciously think about my feminine deportment it was just happening at a subconscious level.

The easy to follow directions and the GREAT support and encouragement from you.

Fantastic - I was touched to tears because it is exactly how I feel.  I want everything I know about being a woman to become so natural that is occurs without thought but just happens and your script does that. 

I do not think there is anything else out there that takes on that challenge in helping us girls to jump tracks and put our trolley on the "pink line" of natural feminine thinking, talking, walking, mannerisms, flirting and being healthy contributing members or our environments and societies.  You are genius.

Monica Bozkurt :)

Maybe I wouldn't enter into the trance the sessions had hoped for.

I absolutely would recommend. Being absolutely truthful, I don't think any ONE support product, therapy, session is can do it all, but this is an excellent supplement to many other support factors helping transgendered people (all who fall under this umbrella term) who wish to accentuate their feminine side. 

I thought maybe it would help in ways I would I always see or that maybe I wouldn't enter into the trance the sessions had hoped for.

Now I feel like the changes that I've helped to suggest to my subconscious are just slowly working themselves out even when I'm not aware.

It's very reassuring; it's about sowing the seeds of your own subconscious; it never feels like the suggestions are like I'm being pushed.

Thank you. Your products have been extremely helpful. I'm very passable Cheetu; ack in January; I do think of myself as Jen now, So thank you so much and whoever else helps you record your mp3s.