Why do you fail to act like women?

Why it is so hard to walk and talk like a women?

If you had more feminine body and looks, you’ll gain confidence, get comfortable about your body language, probably even flirt with guys.

For that kind of body you’ll need to have very expensive and risky surgery

Actually it’s not one surgery; there is a sequence of surgeries for it. And you’ll need to spend a fortune to go through them, even than you’ll not be able to mentally blend as women.

And here is the amazing part

30% of the genetic girls don’t act and feel like women, and still they’re perceived and treated as a female.

Just because, you don’t have a perfect feminine body, doesn’t mean that you can’t be perceived as women.

People see what they perceive

In fact people perceive you as women if you’re dressed so, unless they detect something in your body language, may be you put too many efforts or try to avoid a smelling look.

And you don’t mentally blend as a female and that what really matters, your best dresses your best make up are useless... …unless you know how to be and feel like women so deeply that you’re not just walking and talking like women, but you’re totally one with your feminine self.

Feeling one with your-self is the key.

You can learn to walk and talk like women, but if you don’t feel like a women inside, you’ll get frustrated with pretending.

How to avoid the pretention and automate the act of walking and talking? How to mentally blend yourself as a female and enjoy each moment you go out.

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First I wasn´t observing any result

First I wasn´t observing any result, but now I believe that the subconscious effects are showing.

I feel my needs and desires of being feminine more and more clear and feeling right with this emotions, more and more each day. And that is great, because sometimes I used to have fears, or guilt about these feelings.

And I must tell you that I love, really Love, the visualization that you let me fee in that situation, it is very realistic, I can´t imagine how well.

Again, thanks for letting me to listen these files.


I found them very relaxing and go back to them as not just a feminization tool, but a way to center myself when I'm feeling off-center

I would recommend the Subconscious Feminization session, it's a great tool for building self-esteem and confidence.


Found them! Excellent quality Very professionally done

I would without hesitation say that of all the tranny thumbs, sites, etc, that by far you are the best one...your programs are great and more importantly, you DO care about the people, it is not just about the money for you.

Found them! Excellent quality Very professionally done,

Thanks. John