Your Bonuses: The Subconscious Feminization Session

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What to expect from Subconscious Feminization session?

Subconscious Feminization is a session for loosing up your grown male subconscious mind and plant a more feminine orientated subconscious mind.

A session which will not allow your conscious mind to access male part of your subconscious and instead a new track will be created to access feminine part every time it tries to access any male thoughts and feelings.

My Recommendations:

I would recommend you to listen to this track for at least twice a week in starting and as you get acquainted with it, once a week would be nice.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help you out.

Just reply the email you received or use the contact from at navigation

Happy listening :)

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In case you haven't downloaded the files before

Remember the download is instant, if this download doesn't begin instantly or you have any problem, please email me right away.

Programs You'll need

FREE Firefox download -- If you have Internet Explorer you'll have lots of the problems with the Download. I'd strongly suggest you to start using Firefox instead.

How to Download

To download the files, go to the file you want to download, and right click with your mouse. Then choose "Save Target as" in Internet Explorer. And "Save Link As" in Firefox.

When you click on "Save Target as' or "Save Link As" you'll be asked where to save file on your computer. You can choose to save it in a folder that you can create and name as "Public Arena Feminization Triggers" or save to your computer desktop (This is not recommended as you'll soon have a very cluttered desktop)

Here is what you see when you right click

I'd recommend to store all the files in safe place, if in future you loose the files feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help you.

Can you download the audio onto your mp3 player?

Yes you can download the audio, and put in on your mp3 player or on a CD or DVD, if you choose. I have written CD/DVD burning tutorial which contain step by step process with a free windows software, read article here.

No .4: If you have any trouble...

You'll also get an email confirming your sale and a receipt. If you have any issues or don't get the email (Which is very unlikely) Please feel free to contact me by this page. I will try my best to help you out.

No .5: Help Articles other How To's

How to get files onto iTunes
How to transfer music to your iPod from iTunes
How to burn audio files onto a CD/DVD
How to get the files onto a Kindle

Download help for Windows Users
Download help for MAC Users
CD/DVD burning tutorial with Free Burning software

That's from me, Happy Listening

Cheetu Jaisinghani

PS. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask. I would love to help you.