Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

A large number of women are today opting for breast enhancement without undergoing surgery.

It is one of the most sensible decisions that anyone can make, and you will never regret it.

When you are looking for non-surgical methods for breast enhancement then there is only one method that is worth of consideration, and that is "Self Hypnosis".

This is because hypnosis is the most effective tool when it comes to self improvement.

Self hypnosis can actually be used for any form of improvement that you are looking for, whether it is creating good habits, getting rid of addictions, improving self confidence, as well improving individual skills and abilities.

Hypnosis also helps to repair damage, whether it is physical, mental or emotional.

Hypnosis Is The Process Of ...

Hypnosis can be described as the process of instructing your mind. Within the mind there are two levels, the conscious and the subconscious. It is often said that "the individual is the servant of their mind", and presumes that it is the conscious that is in control. Hypnosis though has proved this to be wrong, the subconscious mind is the master and the conscious is the servant.

Through hypnosis it is possible to make both sections of the mind your servants. It is possible to instruct your subconscious mind to do whatever you want it to do, changing your attributes both physical and mental.

"You Want Your Breasts to be Enhanced ..."

If you tell your subconscious mind that "you want your breasts to be enhanced" then it will start to make changes to your breasts. This is because physical attributes are an impression of your thoughts.

In essence there are two ways that hypnosis can transform your breasts:

  1. Hypnotic visualization and,
  2. indirect suggestions.

We will look at both ways in detail.

Hypnotic Visualization ...

Our lives are built through our own thoughts and the things that we imagine, this though in general does mean that we do not have a great deal of control over this building. This hypnotic visualization method will though enable you to control your thoughts and therefore reprogram your whole body, and in particular your breasts.

The more that you make use of this visualization and the more that you immerse yourself into it the better the results that you will achieve. You will find it amazing the results that you can witness with your own eyes. You will see yourself being transformed in what seems like no time at all.

Indirect Suggestions ...

You may already know that your conscious mind acts as a barrier when it comes to trying to communicate with your subconscious mind. It is for this reasons that we have designed indirect suggestions in order to place suggestions into your subconscious mind.

These indirect suggestions will not conflict with your conscious mind, and will therefore result in successful communication with the subconscious mind. This will allow your mind to create the bigger, firmer, attractive and sensual breasts that you desire.

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Why People Download

First I wasn´t observing any result

First I wasn´t observing any result, but now I believe that the subconscious effects are showing.

I feel my needs and desires of being feminine more and more clear and feeling right with this emotions, more and more each day. And that is great, because sometimes I used to have fears, or guilt about these feelings.

And I must tell you that I love, really Love, the visualization that you let me fee in that situation, it is very realistic, I can´t imagine how well.

Again, thanks for letting me to listen these files.


I found them very relaxing and go back to them as not just a feminization tool, but a way to center myself when I'm feeling off-center

I would recommend the Subconscious Feminization session, it's a great tool for building self-esteem and confidence.


Found them! Excellent quality Very professionally done

I would without hesitation say that of all the tranny thumbs, sites, etc, that by far you are the best one...your programs are great and more importantly, you DO care about the people, it is not just about the money for you.

Found them! Excellent quality Very professionally done,

Thanks. John