Welcome to CD Burning tutorial with Infrarecorder

Hi, if you want to burn CD/DVCD's this is the place where you'll get instructions and free software for it. We'll do this tutorial in 3 simple steps.

1. Download and install Infrarecorder (Free CD Burning Software)
2. Burning your first CD.
3. Playing on CD/DVD players.

Infrarecorder is a free open source CD/DVD burner software that allow you to create audio and mp3 disks in few clicks, download Infrarecorder here. Installation is simple as most windows applications, if you have problems in installations please visit this page

After installation just run the application form program files or desktop shortcut, on main application window you'll have multiple options to select, select "Audio Disk" take a look at below image for its location.



After you have selected this option you'll get a tree view to browse files, look at the indicated numbers in below screen shoot and follow the instructions afterwards…



1. Indicates for the location of session file on your computer, please locate the folder path here.

2. On this view you can select the file and drag and drop it to indicated arrow3

3. Selected tracks will appear here with length of track

4. When you are ready press "Burn" indicated on arrow 4

Then you may insert a blank CD/DVD into drive and press OK to burn your first CD/DVD. After completion of burning process test run your disk on your computer and then you may run it on your preferred CD/DVD player.

If there is anything unsure please drop an email at Cheetu@hypnosisin.com

Best of Luck
Cheetu Jaisinghani