How to enjoy your food and still lose your weight? (With Weight loss hypnosis)

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Enjoying food doesn't necessarily mean that you should over eat; on the contrary you're over eating because you're not enjoying your food.

Why you cannot enjoy your food?

Because food is condemned, condemned for persuading us to eat more and gain weight. You cannot enjoy the food deeply; rather you're guilty about the muffins you eat. It looks like a swirling circle, it is.

So how to get out of this swirling circle

Simply by enjoying the food, forget what people say; start enjoying your food bite by bite. This joy will bring satisfaction

Satisfaction is the key

If you can enjoy 10% bites of your food, you'll feel colossal fulfillment and surprisingly you'll be taking less. At least your excess eating will dramatically shed away.

Why hypnosis can help?

Hypnosis will simply help you break the old eating habits, habit of eating in high speed.

We eat in such high speed, as if we have to catch a flight and sometimes we have to.

At least we should enjoy few chunks, like those actors pretend to do on TV commercials, eating finger licking good chicken :)

But because of decade old habits, you'll experience resistance

This resistance will not allow you to enjoy your food, it will again and again take you to the old eating habits, where you'll be eating more and enjoying less.

Hypnosis will reduce this resistance and keep you automatically on track

Hypnosis will make things easier

Yes you can apply the principal "enjoying your food" without hypnosis, but we have already fair amount of complications in our life, it would not be wise to fight with an old habit.

How hypnosis can change your eating habits?

With hypnosis we can suggest our body to enjoy 10%-20% of the bites and chew them well.

This will also release more saliva and more the saliva is released your digestion will improve with greater satisfaction

And the more you're satisfied with the food, the less you'll need it.

The Next Step

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