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"An Easy & Natural Way To Transition"

Want to be feminized naturally? Then Feminization Hypnosis is for you! This is the process of transition that feminizes you mentally, physically & emotionally as much as possible.

Yes, it can help you to feel and look more like a woman and represent yourself as a woman socially with greater confidence.

Whether you are a transsexual, transgender or a transvestite, feminization hypnosis can help you to make that woman as you have always seen in your dreams to your self.

It's deplorable, but your physical presentation will have an enormous effect on the level of acceptance you'll have from the society.

If you want yourself be socially accepted then you need to transform your appearance into a woman. It is very important that you should be recognized as a female by the society and for that your outer appearance & your presentation must be like a woman.

99% of the people make their opinion just by seeing you. Nobody look what's inside, they actually looks what's outside; how you look from the outside. They have nothing to do with your internal feelings and what you think & feel about yourself. They only matters what they think about yourself.

But it doesn't mean that your internal feeling is nothing, of course it is, but think for a while from where this internal feeling comes. If you think it comes from your inside then you are in a wrong track. No, it comes from the outside.

Your mind is very much affected by the thoughts that you have from the outside. You don't have any internal thoughts and it doesn't come from the inside. Whatever thoughts you have in your mind actually, the outer world is the greatest and the only source of these thoughts.

If you have a negative image on others eye and whenever you are teased and taunted by them for this, you will also have a negative self image for yourself.

After having this negative impression in your mind, your body follows this impression resulting, more negative outer appearance. And you would never be able to come out of your problem; you'll always be stay where you are. Because of this you'll go in the long depression and loose your confidence.

People will not change their opinion until you change yourself. And your transformation is not possible till you stop listening their negative thoughts simultaneously that is affecting your body, mind and your self-confidence.

So what's the solution from coming out of this problem? Nothing complicated, its very simple just start applying positive thoughts into your mind and that can be applied by self hypnosis.

Do you know that your mind has the greatest control over your bodily functional system? An individual's thinking, behavior, emotions or decisions can be influenced by the outer source or suggestions.

Researches show that drugs cannot control mind, but suggestions can control your mind very easily.

Your mind registers the hidden messages you hear and images that you see. With the repetition of these suggestions with visualization, your mind makes belief and then you and your body are compelled to do so unconsciously.

TV/radio ads are the greatest example of these suggestions that make great impact on your mind and you are compelled to use that product.

If you put suggestions frequently to achieve Feminization, your mind will start functioning according to your messages. It will start sending messages to your bodily functional system to produce those cells and to stimulate hormones that are responsible for feminism.

By the power of feminization hypnosis suggestions and visualization you can put great impact on your subconscious mind and can change your appearance, as you always wanted to be.

I know you might be thinking that it can happen by the surgery or by replacing your hormones also but let me inform you that they can change your biological anatomy and that's not naturally. It has no way to access your mind or spirit.

It will not change your presentation, your outer appearance like your behavior your attitude, how you walk, how you talk, your posture and everything that is womanish. Where as, hypnosis has the capacity to improve your whole demeanor naturally.

Feminization is not an easy task that surgeries can do alone. Apart from the biological anatomy there are various things that differs a man from a woman and that cannot be achieved by the surgeries or replacing hormones alone, self hypnosis is needed.

Few months ago when I did a survey on feminization, I got so many requests from the people to make such a product that will satisfy their desire and their needs. They shared their problems and needs in their e-mails with me.

After that, I occupied myself in the making of the feminization hypnosis. Three months of hard work I made a product and named "7 Steps Of Feminization Hypnosis"

As the name suggest, I have given "7 steps of hypnosis" for achieving feminization in this product. This is a complete step-by-step hypnosis program that is divided into 7 sections. There are 21 inductions in it that includes body, mind, sexual communication and eternal sexual feminization.

This is the one and only program that has covered all the aspects of feminization that you possibly need.

I have made this product from my heart and have a great confidence on it. You'll also have when you will see those various things I have included in this product that no one have included even don't understood it.

Click here to see what's there for your feminization in my
"7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis

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7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis

Are You Born With a Genetic Disposition of Being a Male and Forced by Your Society to Confirm to Male Norms?

And you have so many years of your mind being a boy that sometimes it becomes very difficult to see the beauty that's in mirror.

As a result, your conscience resists matching with your outwardly transitioning physical features.

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Public Arena Feminization Triggers
Are you changing directions in Attempt of Avoiding being "Read" when dressed as a female?

Have you ever been sitting in the car fully dressed as a female and trying to build up the courage to get out of the car and go inside? Don't you feel that you need to have the confidence that you're very attractive and ready to meet new people?

When people are walking towards you, do you change directions? This could be extremely frustrating.

And what's a frustrating fact that you don't know why you're so afraid? What you do know is you've done your dressing and make up very well and your ready to walk, talk and act like a female.

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Learn to walk, talk and act like women

(When people are walking towards you, do you change directions? This could be extremely frustrating.)

(And what's a frustrating fact that you don't know why you're so afraid? What you do know is you've done your dressing and make up very well and your ready to walk, talk and act like a female)

The LipStick Trigger

Are you missing the most important factor of feminization?

(The most important factor of feminization is feeling like a woman inside. But how do you feel like a woman inside?)

(How do you feel like a woman inside when you've got multiple dimensions to do so? How do you feel like a woman inside in all dimensions simultaneously?)

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