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(Save this free self hypnosis scripts for abundance in your life)

I love abundance. It attracts and easily come to me. I have opened the doors and with both hands I welcome abundance. It flows naturally into my life. Opportunities are always there in front of me. I'm successful in every part of my life. I love my work and enjoy my working. My life is full of abundance and happiness.


(Save this free self hypnosis scripts for confidence in your self)

I'm a confident person. I talk quite freely and naturally to others. I'm a very spontaneous person and always feel strong around others. I love to do work with confidence, and easily gain others respect. When I'm confident, people become naturally confident on me. I inspire others to be confident. I have a great self image in others view. In any situation I always face it with confidence and feel good about it.


(Save this free self hypnosis scripts for charisma in your life)

I'm a magnetic person and attract others to be around me. I easily and naturally draw others attention. I'm so good that it's a pleasure for others to be around me. I naturally attract those who are kind, helpful, beneficial and inspirational for me.


(Save this free self hypnosis scripts for making good memory)

My memory is sharp. It's easy to remember everything for me. I easily recall very old informations. I have a very good memory. Whatever I learn, it always remembers me. I'm very good in reminding others name. People praise me for my good and sharp memory.


(Save this free self hypnosis scripts to be good in sports)

I love sports and always feel confident about my sports. My actions are very quick. I trust my body for playing sports. I love playing. Sports are my passion. I feel relaxed and comfortable when I'm the next on playground. Every night I'm very eager and excited to play other morning.


(Save this free self hypnosis scripts to get your work up to date)

I love to be organized and I'm always eager to organizing things. I always keep my work up to date. I always complete my work on the same day only. I like to my work completed. Now I have a great deal of pride because I'm getting matured and have begun to do the things that were pending in the past. I'm taking control of my life. Now I bring myself up to date on my work.

Pain Control

(Save this free self hypnosis scripts to ge release from chronic pain)

I'm relaxed and comfortable. I'm releasing all the emotional and physical conflicts naturally. My body knows how to heal and resolve it. I'm feeling soothed, relaxed and tensionless. I'm feeling all the tensions are leaving the area and the pain is completely gone, as the entire area has been anesthetized. Now I'm feeling good.


(Save this free self hypnosis scripts to loose your anger)

I'm a controlled person. I know how to control my emotions and feelings. Whenever I find myself in a situation where I might lost my temper, I leave that place and come out from that situation. When I find myself disagreeing to others point of view, instead of getting angry I react with understanding and acknowledgement and then I listen to them with calm and peace. With this attitude I feel strong and confident inside me.


(Save this free self hypnosis scripts to love exercises)

I love to do exercises. After exercising my face sparkles. It improves the texture of my body. After workout I feel relaxed and comfortable. I love to stretch my body, it softens my skin. I'm always excited to do exercises and to get that feeling after I've done exercises.


(Save this free self hypnosis scripts to experience good sex)

I enjoy sex. I love the feeling of sex. I allow my body to experience sex. I love to be in the moment of sex. I become lustful naturally. I do sex with love. Sex is a part of love for me. I devote myself to my partner when experiencing sex. I love to be in deep with my partner when doing sex. I feel comfortable and relaxed with my partner when we have sex.

Stop Smoking

(Save this free self hypnosis scripts to quit smoking)

Regardless of what happens at work I will feel relaxed. I will feel free of the desire to smoke the entire working time. I am in control of every aspects of my life. Cigarettes no longer have any part in my life. I am now a non-smoker. I will remain a non-smoker the rest of my life. I have made this healthy decision and I am happy with that decision. I am in control. Cigarettes have no control over me any longer. I have resolved to break the bad habit of smoking, and I have broken that bad habit.

You can record these scripts in your voice and listen to it whenever you get time, specially at night prior going to bed.

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