Hypnosis For Quitting Smoking

Feel Released from the Desire to Smoke

You may be wondering how hypnosis can help someone to quit smoking, and questioning whether it is an easy way to break free from the addiction.

Did you know that trying to break the nicotine addiction is as hard to break as heroin or cocaine addiction?

Research has consistently shown that 95% of smokers who try and kick the habit will ultimately fail, and even if they quit in the short term, will eventually end up smoking again.

Continually failure to quit makes it more and more difficult for someone to quit smoking, as they believe that they cannot do it.

Through hypnosis though anyone should be able to quit, and here's how…

Why Do You Tend To Smoke

People often have different reasons for smoking. The reason why I started to smoke was because the friends that I hung around with were all smokers.

Once I knew why I had started to smoke, it was then easy to use hypnosis to help me quit.

Along with the fact that I then found myself a new circle of friends who did not smoke, meant that I have been successfully smoke free for many years now.

Other people will have other reasons for smoking; some people may just say that it is fun, a pleasure, a friend, and a way for dealing with stress.

All reasons for smoking though come back to "Tendency" the human belief that by undertaking the activity your will be gaining something positive.

In the case of smoking people believe that it is a positive action and therefore will continue to smoke. If you think about it though, what do you actually gain by inhaling and exhaling smoke?

Is it really a pleasure? If you think that it is then you are letting yourself be deceived.

It is vital that you rid yourself of this mistaken belief, there is no pleasure to be had from smoking.

How Hypnosis For Quitting Smoking Can Help You

When it comes to reprogramming your mind, then hypnosis is definitely the most effective tool.

When you smoke you are already unknowingly undertaking a form of hypnosis, but smoking is bad for your health, so you can use hypnosis in a much better way to break the addiction that you are faced with.

One of the best things about hypnosis is that it works by dealing with the root cause of the problem. Your mind has been conditioned over a large number of years, so that now you believe that smoking gives you pleasure.

At this moment in time your unconscious mind is focused on smoking. Your mind is telling you that you need a cigarette, but you can hypnotize it so that you can quit smoking.

The quit smoking hypnosis focuses on reconditioning your mind, something it does by implanting suggestions into it. These suggestions will lead you to remove any desires that you have to smoke.

Hypnosis has the ability to totally transform your life. If you believe in it, and use it intensely and correctly then you will very unlikely to fail.

It has consistently been proved to be more effective than any other method when it comes to quitting smoking.

The Deep Breathing Method

The Deep Breathing Method is a really interesting and effective way to release your from tension and addiction.

Working as a revitalizer, all you need to do is to close your eyes and breathe deeply when you have a desire to have a smoke.

As you breathe out, visualize that you are releasing the tension from your body, and as you inhale, visualize that you are becoming light and relaxed.

This process will kill the mental conflict that exists, and will therefore destroy the desire to smoke.

This is the basis of the ancient method of yoga and meditation.

You can work in various things and you will discover that this is one of the best relaxation techniques relaxation techniques.

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