How to Use Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety / Depression

Stress, anxiety and depression are major ailments affecting an increasing proportion of the population, but through hypnosis it is possible to naturally deal with all three, without treatment though they could greatly affect your life expectancy.

Why Stress and anxiety/depression is in your life

Your life is very much like a garden, but a garden that has become overrun with cactus, poisonous plants, and deadly insects. This means that at some point in your life you have sown the wrong type of seeds in the garden.


The cactus can be seen as an expression of all of the ambition, competition and motivation that society has placed upon you. Stress is not something that can easily be defined as it is something that affects people in different ways, and manifests itself differently as well.

The results of scientific studies have suggested that the individual variation in stress and its manifestation is caused by an individual's perception of external events. It is this perception that shapes internal physiological responses.


Anxiety comes about as expectations increase. As time passes it often occurs that people expect more from you, and you also expect more from your life. Unfulfilled expectations often lead to anxiety.

Anxiety is normally caused through genetics and society.


Repeated exposure to negative feelings is what causes depression.

It comes about as situations that you are experiencing seem to be controlling you, and as a result of this perception they do end up being in control.

Depression is a leading cause of suicide, and a depressed individual is almost twenty times more likely to attempt suicide, than someone with no form of mental illness.

Hypnosis Can Solve Many Problems

Hypnosis can be used to solve any problem. This is because problems are mental, and are caused by your thoughts and perceptions.

As a result hypnosis can change your life, and deal with any stress, anxiety and depression issues you may have.

Self hypnosis has been widely used, and many people have found it to be one of the most effective treatments, transforming their lives. The wide take up of self hypnosis has come about because it is a natural and easy treatment.

There is nothing hard about the process and you will quickly find that your problems have disappeared.

Success can be easily achieved once you have found the right formula.

How to Use Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety/Depression

There are three steps that need to be followed when using hypnosis to deal with stress, depression and anxiety. These steps are -

Recognizing the Problem

You need to understand what your issue is, without recognizing the problem it will be impossible to find a solution.

Understanding Self Hypnosis

To find the solution through hypnosis it is important that you understand what self hypnosis is all about. It is not just listening to a self hypnosis tape and expecting that all of your problems are going to disappear. Self hypnosis is much more than mere words, and to get the best results you need to know how and why it works. Then this understanding needs to be linked to a desire for change, and the belief that you can change your life.

Take Sessions of Hypnosis for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Before commencing self hypnosis sessions it is vital that you have the belief that you can achieve real results. It is much the same as with medicines, as they work in a large extent because you believe that they will work.

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