Finest Self Hypnosis Reviews On Pre-Made Hypnosis Tapes By Cheetu

Here I'm presenting the finest hypnosis reviews on pre-made hypnosis tapes.

There are several Hypnotherapist, providing their pre-made hypnosis tapes that are cheap in cost. But in the originality, result oriented and of course in the cost effectiveness there are few.

Internet is filled with the junk products, duplicators, spammers and many unethical practices that's why I'm creating this section into my site, to help you by making better choices.

I have tried many of them and presenting my reviews on the best hypnosis tapes. In my concern, these are the best product maker in their area.

They have superb products, infinite knowledge and the most importantly good credibility in their field. They work well and have better services. I have checked the consumer rating too before making an opinion on any product.

If you have any self-development problem you can choose these hypnosis tapes without any doubt. These products are working and high in sale.

All the hypnosis tapes that are listed here are personally analyzed by me and have highest quality and relevancy in its own area.

My personal rating is also in the bottom with the independent customer ratings on every tape.

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Do It Yourself

The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis Masterclass Finally Revealed The Phenomenal & Complete How-To of Self-Hypnosis. Discover The Secrets The Masters Have Been Keeping From You...

This course is the only, all in one hypnosis tapes available for mastery in self hypnosis. Covering all the aspects with the proper tools and system. This program comes in an amazing unparalleled 16-volume set.

And you will begin to notice that "The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis Masterclass" reveals cutting-edge tools, modern strategies, techniques and skills all combined with years of experience.

There simply is nothing that comes close to these hypnosis tapes when you choose self-hypnosis to make powerful changes in your life. Both CD and Mp3 download is available.

Buy these hypnosis tapes in just £147.77 (approx. US $ 271.34) without additional charges or you can download digital MP3 by paying £97.77 (approx. US $179.53)

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Weight Control

Enjoying weight loss The weight loss program from the hypnosis network by Dr. Roberta Temes, learn here the secret ingredient to permanent weight loss.

This is the 4-CD program. You will go through seven short hypnosis sessions that are 20 minutes long. You will only listen to one session a day, so this time commitment is realistic and attainable.

Most people are successful by listening to one session repeatedly for about a week, then moving on to the next, and so on. There is also a session at the end that will help you maintain your healthy weight once you achieve it, which is VERY IMPORTANT!

The sessions are light, fun, and most importantly EFFECTIVE. They are even more effective over time, so eventually you will rarely need to use them.

The cost of these hypnosis tapes is $119 with a full money back guarantee. You will get one free audio program "Mental toughness" by Therapist: Dr. Neil Fiore of $ 39 value with this pack. This is the free limited time offer so don't delay...

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Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Finally- Be Free A great program from the queen of hypnosis Wendi Friesen. Read the technique given by Wendi to remove the urge of cigarette on the above link.

This New Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program- includes 7 hypnotherapy sessions on 2-CDs and booklet in $49 only that will take you step by step through each day, effortlessly!

7-sessions that will help you to completely understand, release and conquer the tobacco monster.

These hypnosis tapes includes a session to release cravings and withdrawals, and side two is a "quick fix" called velvety breathing that instantly releases cravings.

It also includes a deep commitment process that will convince your subconscious mind that you are a nonsmoker for life. The booklet will help you go through the day-to-ay process, instruct you on how to use your posthypnotic suggestions and anchors.

In ONE WEEK you will no longer want a cigarette. Listen to ONE CD session each day, and your brain will simply forget to smoke! You will lose the urge and easily put down the cigarettes.

And it will be a lot easier than you thought it would be!

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Confidence Hypnosis

New Confidence Power Pack The Best self Help Program I have ever seen. Take a glimpse of this program of Wendi Friesen to stop your fears and make you strong and confident and charismatic.

The confidence CD set represents Wendi's best work, up to date and will impact you in amazing and powerful ways.

These hypnosis tapes might just change your life. If you are timid, shy, or just need more confidence and want to feel more spontaneous, you will love this!

You can own these hypnosis tapes by paying only $99.00 with satisfaction guaranteed! Shipping charges are additional.

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Financial Abundance

Financial Abundance is the program by Wendi Friesen. The six-hour Money Magnet Seminar on DVD and The Financial Abundance Program on CD, Eight hypnosis sessions and workbook.

If purchased separately they would cost $398($249.90 of seminar DVD + $149.90 of CD program) but if you purchase together it will cost you only $298.90.

A full day seminar on DVD that includes the hypnosis sessions, the workshop materials, and the methods that will release your fears, help you break through limitations, and manifest abundance!

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Sexual Hypnosis For Males

Hypnosis for Premature Ejaculation by Wendi Friesen All NEW program on CD for a solution for premature ejaculation.

This CD set has FIVE different processes to help you to be in control. You can do all the physical conditioning exercises you want.

These hypnosis tapes are now new and improved. The CD track, Hypnotic Ultimate Orgasm is included in this new premature ejaculation cure package. These hypnosis tapes will cost you $79.90 with additional shipping charges.

Many men have found they have been able to have amazing control as a result of listening to this track. FIVE sessions on 2 CDs that will create a deep trance, set an anchor in your subconscious mind, release old fears and negative programming, give you total control, and lock in the changes with the body hologram.

Premature Ejaculation is a complex problem. This new program uses several different processes to teach the brain and body to last as long as you want. The best part is- IT WORKS!

To read what her user says please click on the above link.

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Female Hypnosis

Sensual Woman Hypnosis to enhance the sexual response for women by Wendi Friesen.

If you would like to enjoy sex more, and find out how good it feels to be immersed in pleasure... to let your body respond naturally... This is for you.

This two CD program has four tracks to illuminate your body, have an ultimate orgasm, enjoy oral sex and to create a sexual desire. These hypnosis tapes will cost you $59.90 with additional shipping charges.

The hypnosis session will help you feel really turned on by going out of your comfort zone a little. You will feel the sensations of desire becoming stronger as you focus on his pleasure. This is an interesting method of creating sexual desire in your own body and mind as a result of doing this for him.

Some women say they get really turned on just thinking about doing that to him! How fun for both of you!

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Hypnosis For Stress

Managing Stress And Anxiety! Learn to manage stress effectively by Therapist: Dr. Randy Gilchrist.

In this program you will be guided through exercises that help you learn how to adapt to stressful situations, resolve existing anxieties, and create new ways of looking at the world.

You will receive the 2-CD set, which contains 3 powerful hypnosis sessions that will work with your subconscious mind to help you learn to truly relax, manage stress and lessen anxiety.

If you have not already downloaded Dr. Gilchrist's 33-page ebook, The Coping With Stress and Anxiety System©, you will also receive a link to download this manual on the order confirmation page.

These hypnosis tapes comes with one-year money back guarantee and the cost is $69.00 with additional shipping charges.

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Hypnosis For Children

Children Overcome Bedwetting by Therapist: Dr. Joyce Mills.

On the first level, your child will be delighted with the story of Sammy, a lovable little elephant who keeps spilling his buckets of water, while on an unconscious level he or she is being given a comprehensive healing metaphor that can help him or her overcome the problem of bed wetting, while also enhancing personal self-esteem./p>

This story is told by Joyce Mills, Ph.D., a world-renowned expert on the use of Ericksonian hypnotherapy for children's issues. Your child will love Dr. Mills's engaging style, and you will love the bonus hypnosis session that she made especially for parents. Every parent needs a "mini mind vacation"!

This story was originally developed to help children with bed wetting (primary or secondary enuresis), parents have found even greater benefit in how it affects their children overall.

You can own this product in just $19.50 with one-year money back guarantee. Shipping charges extra.

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Hypnosis For Sports

Core Sport Performance by Therapist: Dr. Jack Singer. Dr. Jack Singer's Core Sports Performance CD is a 360-slam dunk for any athlete at any level who desires to gain a competitive edge.

This is a wonderful tool for the development of mental focus and emotional control, skills that all elite athletes possess.

He can tell you for sure that his NBA career would have been positively enhanced with these state of the art techniques. These [CDs] are different from, but are still really instruction - they tell your mind how to instruct the body to create and perform.

In just four sessions, Dr. Jack's unique hypnosis techniques and visualization exercises will help you fully utilize your unconscious mind for peak sports performance. You'll learn to enlist all facets of your consciousness to help you overcome obstacles. Each session will take you into deeper states of relaxation and focus.

Click here to download a free sample hypnosis Relaxation for Sports Performance by Dr. Jack Singer's. It's a 22-minute audio hypnosis session for relaxation and refocusing.

You can own this product in just $69.00 with one-year money back guarantee. Shipping charges extra.

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