Revealing Secrets Of Hypnosis Secrets


Here, I'm revealing those hypnosis secrets that are helpful and beneficial to get that result what you want.

Do you have seen miracles happen in someone's life?

Do you know why one is sad and another is happy?

Do you know why one is joyous & prosperous and another is poor & miserable?

Do you know why one is fearful, anxious, mediocre & unpopular and another is full of faith, confidence and immensely popular?

Don't you know that?

Well, I know that and if you want to know this, so please read given information carefully because these are those hypnosis secrets which will not only help you to do hypnosis efficiently but they will also change your destiny.

These are the hypnosis secrets, giving the instant and powerful results from the ages:

• Belief

• Using Imagination instead willpower

• Flow, focus and visualize

• feel deserving

• Gratitude towards subconscious mind


Belief is a thought in the subconscious mind and this one is the greatest secret of hypnosis secrets.

All your experiences, events, conditions, and acts are produced by your subconscious mind in reaction to your thoughts.

Your self hypnosis sessions work according to the universal law of action and reaction. The reaction is the response of your subconscious mind that corresponds to the nature of your thoughts.

Change your thoughts and you change your destiny. Fill your mind with the concepts of harmony, health, peace and goodwill, and wonders will happen in your life.

Belief is the catalyst which gives you results in a self hypnosis session. During the session you have to believe that you already have received your goal. You have to think about the outcome not about the problems because if you think about your problem, then you go far from your solutions.

Because your subconscious mind accept with what you impress it or what you consciously believe.

If you are thinking about your problems that means you are fixing your problems upon it and your subconscious doesn't know whether it's a problem or a solution, it will accept and give you more out of that and you wouldn't be ever come out of your problem.

Whereas if you believe that you have received your solutions, if you visualize it, feel it, then someday your subconscious will make it as a truth of your life.

And on that day, automatically your problem will be no longer with you. Nothing happens by chance, this is the world of law and order.

Always remember what you believe, you get that. So, believe it and have it.

Use Imagination Instead of Willpower

Using imagination is really a secret of hypnosis secrets.

Do not use your willpower; instead, imagine the end of your goal. Working harder doesn't lead to better results.

You will find that your mental power is trying to get in the way, trying to find the ways to solve the problem and imposing those ways on your subconscious.

Put away your problem solving skills aside and just be a simple, childlike, miracle-making faith. Picture yourself without your problems. Imagine the emotional satisfaction of the freedom state you seek.

Leave all the boundation from the process. Just be calm and simple.

To use mental force or willpower is to presuppose that there is opposition. Don't force your mind to give results. If you do, then you will surely get results, but opposite one. Forcing creates mental conflict which will block your subconscious to act.

A wonderful way to get a response from your subconscious mind is through disciplined Self Hypnosis. If you do it properly and with the right way your subconscious will definitely answer you.

Flow, Focus and Visualize

What is hypnosis tape, a dead digital collection of sound?

Then which phenomenon is transforming lives of thousands of people around the world?

It must be the greatest secret, Flow, Focus, Visualize.

Until you flow with the script, keeping focus on result and visualizing that you have achieved the desired result, I guarantee nothing will ever work.

Even you sit with the professional Hypnotherapist, he won't be of any help.

Whatever is to do, you have to do. If you are not ready then nothing could happen. Eventually responsibility comes on you.

This is the most important thing while taking hypnosis session that's why this is one of the hypnosis secrets.

Feel Your Self Deserving

In hypnosis secrets it has it's forth place.

There are two types of people; those who are magnetized are full of confidence and faith.

Others are demagnetized. They are full of fears and doubts. When an opportunity comes, they refuse it by the fear of failing.

People of this sort will not get very far in life. Their fear to go forward makes them simply stay where they are.

So, first learn to desire something that is worthwhile for you, only then you would have your goal and you will step forward to achieve it.

Feel that you are a deserving man, you deserve to get good things in your life and you have to go forward.

Gratitude Towards Your Subconscious Mind

Gratitude is the magic pill and hypnosis secrets cannot be complete without this point.

Be graceful for the infinite power which is inside you.

Pay your thanks to the power of your subconscious mind, before and after hypnosis session. This will give you the deep gratification internally.

Fill with gratitude towards God for all that He has given to us and the results will follow.

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