Free Self Hypnosis Spirals For Better Relaxation And Concentration

Here I'm presenting you the huge collection of hypnosis spirals that will help you to easily induce trance. Simply click on the spiral that you like most and download it on your computer.

These self hypnosis spirals can be used as a greatest relaxation tool in a hypnosis session.

Mind cannot remain constant. It moves on several directions and that is why, to focus on a particular thing become hard for us in the hypnosis relaxation step.

There are several ways to induce a hypnotic trance. One of the more popular is the hypnosis spirals.

Spiral is a curve, which emanates from a central point, getting progressively farther away as it revolves around the point. It creates the illusion that it is twisting farther away or towards us.

The repetitive animation of a twisting spiral evokes deep relaxation and calm that accounts for the spiral's close association with the art of hypnotism.

In some cases, people even create spirals themselves in order to ease the constantly active mind.

Spiral attracts all the attention of your conscious mind and make your eyes fix on it that is why it is used in self hypnosis, as they are naturally fascinate the mind, produce Reticular Retension and trance state, leading to good quality hypnosis even in the most difficult subject.

It's easy to use with fast results you can get focussed in minutes. The technique working behind is to deliver great tension and attraction to your eyes.

By concentrating on a spiral your eyes will have such a strange experience that they'll relax very deeply. Every time you use it, you'll be more and more relaxed .

You can use these spirals in different ways; just you have to adjust the size according to you. The format of the file is jpeg that can be printed by altering the size you need and then stick it on the wall or a roof.

You can also view it in your PC or Mac but make sure that the screen-saver; monitor off and standby mode of your device should not be activated because it can make interruption on your concentration.

You can also use multimedia mobiles that support image files for this purpose.

Stare at and induce the trance by keeping your eyes on the spiral for several minutes. Make sure there are no disturbances around you. While doing this, you can deepen the trance by playing relaxing music with the set of positive suggestions, as that your mind and body is relaxing, your limbs and eyelids are becoming heavy, etc.

You can create a magical atmosphere with the proper selection of relaxation music and spirals.

Just click to view the spiral in full size

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