How To Use
Hypnosis To Improve Memory

Through hypnosis it is possible to greatly improve your memory, making it sharp and alert, and thus allowing for mental clarity and fast recall.

What Is Memory?

Memory is the ability of something to store, retain and then recall information.

We mostly think about memory being a process related solely to brain cells, and yet there is a lot more to it than that.

Memory is a combination of the physical makeup of the brain, and the energy that flows through the mind.

Brain cells are just like an electric light bulb, whilst the energy of the mind is the electricity. Together they combine to produce something special, and in the case of the human body, this is memory.

How To Use Hypnosis To Improve Memory

If you think of memory just like light levels, then it is a simple matter of increasing the level of the light by increasing the number of bulbs and energy that is being used.

Through the use of targeted hypnosis is it impossible to improve your memory by activating a greater number of brain cells, and also by increasing the flow of energy through the mind.

By doing this targeted memory sessions you can then have a memory that is sharp, fast and stable. An additional benefit is that you can recall long forgotten memories, you can even have specific sessions designed for increased recall.

Monkey Or A Mastermind

When it comes to the greatest animal on this planet, it is easy to argue that it is HUMANS who are the greatest of all.

We have produced mastermind in the hundreds, and yet why do some people turn out to be masterminds whilst others fail to achieve these levels?

After all everyone has the same human brain, and has the potential to be the next SOCRATES, EINSTEIN or BUDDHA.

You can activate the super memory needed to be a mastermind through learning how to hypnotize your mind. You can then introduce various suggestions aimed at activating the power held within the mind.

It is important though to remember that the effectiveness of your suggestions is reliant on the belief and faith that you place in them.

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