Hypnotic Feminization Inductions And The Blank Self Hypnosis Template

This section will tell you everything you need to know to use the hypnotic feminization inductions and the blank template.

The blank template is not strictly blank. The template is a pre-recorded self-hypnosis session that has space on it to use live hypnotic inductions.

The template comes as an mp3 file that can be downloaded from the link to be found at the bottom of this page.

The self-hypnosis session will help you to obtain a state where you will be able to reprogram your subconscious mind. Once you are in this open state, you will then need some positive inductions, aimed at letting you achieve your feminization goal.

The inductions listed below and found on the session, also make up the "7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis". This is the complete set of 21 hypnotic feminization sessions that will bring about feminine transformation.

The positive suggestions are to be found below, as written between the quotation marks.

All that is then needed is to repeat the induction as many times as you can.

I would recommend following the sequence of positive suggestions as listed below.


"Now you are completely free from guilt, fears, anxieties, doubts and troubles. All mental, physical and social blocks are draining away, out of your being and leaving you completely natural, vital and energetic."


"You have a burning desire to be feminized, a desire of being the woman of your dreams. This desire has activated more than the required energy you need to transform. The images of your desire are sinking deep in your subconscious mind everyday. You deserve to be feminized, you want to be feminized and you are motivated to be feminized as soon as possible. You are determined to achieve the goal of feminizing your being and to live your life the way you want."


"You are creating an aura of feminization. This aura of feminization will attract to you all things good for your benefit, happiness and success. You are now becoming the kind of person you need to be to radiate the aura you visualize and desire."


"By day and by night you are being feminized. You are emotionally and physically capable of making the changeover as you desire."


"Every time you meet someone, you feel like a woman to yourself. The only thing you know and remember that you are a woman, a beautiful woman, an intellectual woman and a successful woman."


"Natural powers inside you have activated the flow of feminizing hormones. Now you are producing feminizing hormones everyday, naturally."


"Day by day you are boosting a confidence of being feminized. You are confident about your looks, about your appearance. You love yourself and you are proud of yourself. You are projecting your best self-image. People treat you with high regard because you look like you deserve it."


"You have the power of feminine attraction. You have a feminine attractive face, attractive body and attractive personality. Wherever you go people attract towards you when they see you. People feel comfortable with you and you with them."


"Day by day your face is transforming into your desired feminine shape. You are producing hormones for the femininity of your face. Your cheeks, eyes, nose, forehead, eyebrows, lips and jaw line are changing into the beautiful feminine shape and you are increasing your beauty of femininity on your face everyday and in everyway."


"Your body and figure is transforming into your desired feminine shape. You are capable of making the changes in the shape of your body as you visualize for yourself. You are taking a good diet, balanced exercise with the combination of hypnotherapy for feminizing your body. You are taking good care of your body, with the right products and the right attitude for your body and for yourself."


"The size of your breasts are growing everyday. Each and every time you take a deep breath, and you are activating healthy circulation, and encouraging the natural enlargement of your breasts. The blood flow is vital and natural with the required hormones in it. And the tissues and muscles are transforming them, bigger, attractive and healthier."


"You have found the perfect tool for feminizing your voice. Each day you practice hypnosis and it is helping you to change your voice into a female voice. Now your voice is becoming sweet and feminine."


"Now you own a charming, soft and glowing skin. The texture of your skin is improving day by day. From now on you're being guided by your subconscious mind to take good care of your skin and to choose the right products for making it beautiful and healthier."


"Experience the joy of soft and healthy hairs. The texture of your hairs is silky. They are becoming strong and growing each day. The skin of your head is healthy and has a good base for the growth of your hairs. You love your hairs, you are proud of them. You have been guided by your subconscious mind to wisely choose a product for them and take good care of them."


"The flow of sexual hormones into your body is now vital and natural. Recreating your sexual system, transforming your mind, body and spirit. Now you feel a sense of feminization. This sense of feminization has covered your entire being. You are becoming more sensual day by day. Transforming into a perfect and natural woman. Your sexual organs are vital and natural. They are performing their task naturally."


"Now you enjoy sexual moments very much. When you engage in sexual activity with your partner, you become easily and quickly stimulated and aroused. You thoroughly enjoy the sexual moments and you bring pleasure to both yourself and your partner."


"You possess a power to seduce anyone you want. You have that beauty, body and attraction that you can use to seduce anyone."


"Your sexual performance is improving day by day. Pushing away all the guilt, fears and blocks, you are becoming more and more sexually responsive to your partner. You are good. You are confident about your sexual performance. It can satisfy you and your partner physically, emotionally and spiritually."


"Every time when you have sex, you feel a greater sense of sexual satisfaction. You are developing your sensuality. You have everything you need to have healthy, normal sex. You enjoy pleasing your partner as well as to yourself and this gives you the ultimate sexual satisfaction."


"You feel the power enter you with its golden stream of light. This will allow you to enjoy orgasm eternally, throughout the whole of your life."


"You are creating a power center of sex within yourself in order to become sexually aroused and stimulated very easily and quickly."


"You enjoy orgasm very much. You feel the sensation growing stronger and stronger. Every time you have orgasm, you feel more and more pleasure in it and you enjoy it extremely."

You will have noticed that some of the inductions are made up of a few sentences, whilst others are just a single sentence. This is due to the fact that there is a possibility of inner conflicts in some areas of this sensitive transformation.

To gain a full understanding of how each induction actually works, I would recommend that you take a look at "7 Steps of Feminization Hypnosis". Click here to take a look.

Prior to using the hypnotic feminization inductions, print out the terms above and read them out loud before starting the session.

Download the Hypnotic Feminization Template and Action Guide

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