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The Big "B" Hypnosis contains everything that you require to transform your breasts. With this product you will find that they become irresistibly attractive, larger and more muscular.

Big "B" Hypnosis makes use of a combination of hypnotic visualization and suggestions to automatically multiple cells, tissues, nerves and muscles. This will mean that your breasts will grow naturally and the results will be permanent

Through hypnosis every cell, tissue and nerve will be transformed into beautiful and charismatic ones. As they transform they will also change so that you will feel increased sensitivity and mass in your breasts. This will results in making you feel more feminine and sexier.

As a woman you will be secure in the knowledge that you have both sensual and beautiful breasts.

Women are normally very self-conscious about their own looks, and are often looking for ways to improve the size and shape of their body. A woman will always try and look their best, and will also want to feel good at the same time.

Breasts are the most attractive part of any woman's body. It is the breasts that normally attract the most attention. If you do not have breasts that grab this kind of attention then Big "B" Hypnosis can help you achieve more beautiful, bigger and fuller breasts.

When it comes to sexuality as well, breasts play a huge role in the contentment of your partner. It is normal for larger breasts to make your partner feel much better during sex.

Above all though, breasts are symbols of femininity. They are a part of a feminine identity and increase feminine values and qualities.

If therefore you are one of the many that are looking for a natural and effective form of treatment to provide bigger and more attractive breasts then Big "B" Hypnosis is the product for you. The Big "B" Hypnosis product will enlarge your breasts, and provide you with a sense of completeness when it comes to achieving a perfect body.

This Is The Best And Most Effective Natural Breast Enlargement Program Anywhere To Be Found On The Internet!

This Natural Breast Enlargement Program is in a league of its own. It covers everything including, Long Relaxation, Visualization, Suggestions, positive Inductions, Affirmations and everything else you could think of when it comes to breast enlargement. The whole program has been designed and developed to ensure that it is as effective as possible.

The whole program has also been designed to ensure that it is both usable and understandable by anybody. Even those totally new to hypnosis will find that the program is easy to use. Anyone can make it work. There are very simple instructions to follow, and you too will see the results.

It will probably feel like you are in a dream, a dream that you will see all of your desires come true. Your longings will become reality, and you will have fuller and more beautiful breasts.

You may well be asking, is it really effortless? Of course it is…

In this Breast Enlargement Pack you will also be given an Action Guide. This guide will provide you with all of the instructions needed make use of the product in order to achieve quicker results.

All you need to make use of the product is a media player that plays mp3 tracks, and a place to play the tracks in a relaxing and quiet place. From then on all you need is 30 minutes of your time each day, and you will soon be achieving your goal of larger breasts.

If you practice with this product everyday, you will quickly see the transformation that occurs in your breasts. Most people in fact will see results in only three or four weeks. I personally guarantee that you too will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Big "B" Hypnosis Is Designed To Give You The Perfect Results!

Big "B" Hypnosis is the perfect combination of the best hypnosis methods available to help build your perfect breasts. The package includes…

• Relaxation session

• Visualization session that is target to enable …

    1. Breast Transformation
    2. Body Transformation
    3. Personality Transformation And
    4. Self Image Transformation

• Post-Hypnotic Suggestions to aid the development of your breasts

Long Relaxation For Very Deep Trances

Relaxation is vital to the success of any form of self-hypnosis, and it is actually the basis on which hypnosis works. Without being relaxed then it will be impossible to achieve any results.

When I first started using hypnosis I tried every program that was available at the time, the majority of these programs though didn't allow enough time to relax. The programs were so full of information that relaxation was pushed down the list of vital steps. As a result these programs made it very hard for me to communicate with my subconscious, which is why I started to develop my own program.

I decided that it was vital to provide sessions directly focused on long periods of relaxation, allowing your body and mind to be relaxed and more receptive to the rest of the program.

The whole point of the long relaxation is to ensure that you can easily communicate with your subconscious and thus ensure that all of the positive suggestions are implanted deep and directly into your mind.

These positive suggestions will sink deep down into your subconscious and in only a few days you will start to see the transformation of your breasts, thanks to these suggestions.

Visualization Of Your Breast, Body And Personality, Making It A Reality

In the Visualization sessions you will be able to see your future. You will be able to see what you can achieve by reprogramming your mind to achieve your breast and body desires.

By programming your mind you will be able to decide how sexy and how attractive you want to be after you have gone through self-hypnosis. You will be the one deciding just what size, shape and mass your breasts will be. The visualization sessions will also enable you experience how you will feel about your new breasts and body in the future.

At the same time you will also see how others around you will react to your new attractive breasts.

All of this may be the future, but you will be able to decide when your new breasts will be fully developed to the state that you imagined they would be.

Through this method you will commence the change, and you will be able to both see and feel the transformation as it occurs.

The Four Steps Of Visualization

"Breast transformation through visualization?"

In this section of the visualization, you will create a blue print of your new breasts. Actually, you will see in your future you are having them, and in that very moment you will see physical and emotional value of owning them.

You will be able to visualize just how attractive you will look after you have been transformed. These images will create the blueprint for how you want your body and breasts to transform, thus creating exactly what you want and deserve.

"Body transformation through visualization"

In visualizing your virtual body you will be able to create the body that you have always dreamt of. You will be deciding just how your body will be in the future, and so what transformations are required.

It is not just your breasts that will be altered; it is your face, skin, hair and all other elements that link into your breasts. This will allow you to look attractive and beautiful.

"Personality transformation through visualization"

This transformation is a key session when it comes to dealing with the changes needed in your social and personal life. You will be able to visualize yourself as you walk around town, and you will see yourself receiving the attention from people around you.

Your family will be overjoyed to observe your attractive personality. You will be able to visualize and experience the changes in their attitudes, and you will be able to see that they care for you even more.

You will also be able to see how your relationship will also be changed. Your relationship will go to new levels, as you will be more attractive and sensual than you were before. There will be a new magnetic attraction between you two, and you will feel wonderful about it.

"Self image transformation through visualization"

Once you have created a blueprint of just what you need to transform with your breasts and body, then it is time to make the changes occur. This is actually a simple alteration to make, and comes about through a simple technique of integrating your desires with your body.

Through experiencing your desires, you will be able to feel your cells, tissues, muscles and nerves changing to the desired state. These changes will ensure that your body and breasts become exactly what you want them to be. This transformation comes about through the activation of various biochemical processes in your body.

Inductions For Breast, Body And Personality Transformation

In the Big "B" Hypnosis package you will find 17 of the most powerful inductions ever designed. These inductions will ensure that you achieve some truly electrifying results.

These inductions make up a complete set of hypnotic suggestions, which have been targeted to transform your breasts in every way necessary. All inductions have been designed to focus directly on the development of your breasts.

These inductions will work through effective communication with your subconscious mind, and once started you will be able to observe some instant results. I have developed and designed Suggestions that are needed for…

• Cellular Growth

• The Flow of Natural Hormones

• Instant and Rapid Growth of Your Breasts

• The Aura that will Surround You

• You to Become More Attractive

• The Development of Sense around your Body

These, and others, are all powerful indirect inductions that will ensure that your body is able to create all of the necessary cells and tissues, cells and tissues that are required for your transformation. As these cells and tissues are created your breasts will grow and develop naturally and permanently.

The inductions will ensure that the biology of your body will change; this is due to the natural and vital flow of hormones through your blood stream. These hormones will activate all of the natural metabolic activities within your body. This will ultimately lead to the creation of new skin, muscles, and nerves, all of which are needed to increase the size of your breasts.

You will soon be much more confident and comfortable, and you will enjoy attracting new people. You know that you will love to receive the special attention that your breasts and body deserve.

As your looks and personality are altered, your own self image will also be transformed, and as you attract people, you will feel a deep sense of inner satisfaction.

Each and every induction included in the package is enough to transform your breasts. With this transformation so a chemical change will occur in your cells, tissues, nerves and muscles, which will also see automatic multiplication. These inductions will ensure that thousands of metabolic changes are activated, making your breasts bigger, firmer and more attractive.

A Step By Step Action Guide Is Included To Help You. It Will Explain How To Use This Program Which Will Result In Your Natural Breast Enlargement

There is a guide to the transformation included in the Big "B" Hypnosis package. You will find that it is useful in walking you through each audio file, from the first session on relaxation, right though to the creation inductions.

Once you have the whole package in your hands, you do not have to worry about how to go about the transformation. We have ensured that the whole process is easy to follow, step by step, and thus you will get the full benefit from the program, resulting in attractive and bigger breasts.

I feel that it is vital that everyone gets off to a good start with the package, and to achieve the best results we have ensured that the sessions come in small chunks. This will ensure that your subconscious mind can easily absorb all of the inductions, and thus the desired results will be achieved.

Separate Sessions For Day & Night Use
As A
1st Bonus!

Each of the audio files included in the package comes for both day and night usage. This will ensure that you can easily alter the sessions to fit in with your own schedule and availability. You will not be trying to fit your busy life around the sessions and inductions.

You can use the audio files whenever you have time to listen to them, whether it in the middle of the day or night.

The more you make use of the audio files, the more that your inner mind will be able to take in the suggestions and visualizations. The greater the absorption, the better the transformation results will be, and the quicker you will be able to see the results.

Now you don't need to think about the timings or to adjust your routines. I have made it easy for you. The sessions are specially created to use in the day or night. Use it whenever you have the time, you will never have a problem in using it.

As A 2nd Bonus
You Will Receive A Big Collection Of 10 Tracks Of Very Soothing Relaxation Music

With these music tracks you will not have to try and relax, it will come naturally in just a few minutes. These ten different digital tracks make up a collection of some of the most relaxing music available.

As you relax listening to the music, you will find that the visualizations and inductions will be more easily absorbed deep into your inner mind. You will then find that your conscious mind will accept all of the suggestions without any objections or effort.

A Big Collection Of 30 Hypnotic Spirals For Deep Trances,
As A 3rd Bonus!

This third bonus is made up of multicolor digital self-hypnosis spirals, which come in a printable format. With their use you will be able to attain a greater amount of focus, which will lead to a greater absorption of the inductions and visualizations.

With a greater amount of absorption you will find that each session becomes more and more effective, leading to instant and obvious results.

And The Biggest Bonus Of All Is That
You Can Start Downloading
These Mp3 Tracks In Less Than 10 Seconds!

All of the inductions come in mp3 digital format. Once you have completed paying for the package you will be forwarded to the welcome page of the Big "B" Hypnosis. From this page you will be able to download all of the files that make up the package. Once there all you need to do is right click on each of the given links, and then select the save option, this will commence the download.

At the same time you will also receive a welcome e-mail from us. This e-mail contains all of the file links, in just ten seconds. These links will again take you to the welcome page for Big "B" Hypnosis, where you can download the files from. In the event that any given link is not working, you should only need to copy and paste the links into your browser to commence downloads.

This of course means that you do not have to wait for the 7 to 10 days that it often takes the mailman to deliver your packages to you. Everything is with you within an hour.

You will be able to start listening to the audio tracks on the same day as purchase; all you need to do is to download the tracks. It doesn't matter whether it is 2AM on a Sunday, or 6PM on a Wednesday, you can download and listen at any time.

The start of your transformation may only be 60 minutes away. There is no need to wait for delivery. Also rest assured that you will receive the package in complete privacy. I will never share anyone's personal details with anyone else.

Now You Too Can Have Attractive, Sensual & More Bigger Breasts

With Big "B" Hypnosis you can have irresistible and larger breasts. You will also have a more graceful demeanor and you will move with a great deal more confidence.

Through Big "B" Hypnosis you will make yourself the complete woman.

Here's What You Will Get With Big "B" Hypnosis

Product And Formats

Included Materials


Step By Step Transformation Guide (Pdf)


Relaxation Session (Mp3)


4 In One Visualization (Mp3)


Induction Session With 17 Powerful Suggestions Embedded (Mp3)

Plus Bonus

10 Digital Relaxation Tracks (Mp3)

Free Hypnotic Spirals (Jpeg)

Special Bonus Tape




A Very Especial Digital Track That Includes All visualization & Inductions In One Single Session

The Big "B" Hypnosis Ultimate Especial Tape (Mp3) Only Available With Big 'B' Hypnosis

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Big "B" Hypnosis Package Details
Big "B" Hypnosis
Step By Step Action Guide
Relaxation Tape
Four In One Visualization
17 Most Powerful Induction Session
3 Extra Sessions Especially For Night Use
10 Digital Relaxation Tracks
A Big Collection Of Hypnotic Spirals

The Big "B" Ultimate
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The Perfect Risk-Free Guarantee

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I know that this is quite possibly the most important investment that you are ever going to make when it comes to your transformation, and larger and enhanced breasts.

I can assure you that in using this package you will be able to transform your breasts, making them larger and more attractive, no matter how they look today.

I know that my assurance may not account for much with you, and so I want you to be absolutely sure about it. I have therefore taken the decision to take any risk away from you. As such I have decided to let you use it, and see the results that you can achieve with your own eyes.

After you have clicked on the button below, you will be taken to a new secure ordering page. It is from this page that you can download all of the required audio files and associated materials. Once you have used all of this material, I know that you will be totally transformed.

Take 210 days, a full 7 months, to make total use of the audio files and transform your breasts, mind and body. If you use all of the sessions and then decide that the package is not for you, or you think that it is not working, simply e-mail me with your order details and I will refund the money that you spent on purchasing your package. I won't even ask any questions.

I really want to assist you to become the attractive and sexy woman that you deserve to be.

I get e-mails every single day from people around the world who are successfully using the Big "B" Hypnosis Package to transform their lives.

Have aLook at What Some of My Customers Have Had To Say ...

Hi Cheetu,

I wanted to enlarge my breasts but I was terrified by the side effects of surgery. So, I was hoping to find a natural way of enlarging breasts. I found some natural products on the Internet and used most of them without seeing any results.

After that I found you, I was not expecting much from your product, after my previous disappointments. But as you gave 7 months money back guarantee, I thought I would give it a try as I had nothing to lose.

Now I have been using your product for a month, and I am already convinced about the effectiveness of your product. I can see it working, my breasts have definitely grown. I know that in only 2 or 3 months I will achieve great results from Big "B" Hypnosis.

I like the induction session of Big "B". The inductions are really very powerful. I appreciate your work. You have laid it all out for me in an easy to use product. I have never been more satisfied with a purchase like this.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone willing to give hypnosis a try. This product has helped me tremendously. I am glad that I seized this opportunity while it was there.

Thank you for the great product.

Rose Green


You have done a great job. Three months ago I purchased your product and now my breasts have grown by one and a half inches.

I'm very satisfied with the results. You have shown the best way for me to get larger breasts.

I like your work. Thanks for providing the right solution for my problem.



I have just downloaded the breast hypnosis files. I am already finding that they are excellent.

Thank you for your great work and let God continue to bless you.

Jennifer Jones


When I visited your Big "B" Hypnosis page, I realized that were not pushing your visitors to make a purchase.

I guessed that you must have something special in your product. You were obviously confident about what it could achieve, so felt no need to sell it to your visitors.

Then I decided to give it a try, and do you know what? I found it is really very special.

Thanks and keep it up.



I have used so many programs but none was like your program. It is fantastic. I like the Indian accent and the voice is so soothing and magnetic that it pulls me into the trance.

It makes me so calm and relaxed that I always look forward to going into the trance.

I enjoy your sessions. I praise you and your work.



Hello Cheetu,

This is just to tell you that I'm very happy with two of your products I have purchased recently. Thanks a lot for the great work.


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The whole process from start to finish takes only a few minutes, and you will find that you are listening to the audio files in next to know time.

Once you have got all of the digital tracks, take time to read through the step by step action guide. This will explain the sequence that the sessions should be used in, try the first session and also listen to some of the relaxing music, and look at the spirals to improve your focus.

You will soon find that Big "B" Hypnosis will result in you growing sexier and larger breasts and you will look more attractive and will receive the attention that you deserve.

Surely that is really what is important


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