Free Self Confidence Hypnosis Script

Here is the free self confidence hypnosis script.

Add Any relaxation method of your choice and record it. Use it in the morning when your day starts and in the night before sleeping, when your day is going to end.


You think of the present and the future only. It is so easy for you to achieve success and happiness you want and deserve. For you are the product of your own thought patterns.

Think success, and you are a success. Think beauty, and you are beautiful. Think strength, and you are strong. Think positively and constructively, and your life becomes a positive and constructive experience.

These things are your new image... the new you... stronger and stronger everyday. You are now learning to be in total control of every aspect of your life. You always be relaxed and calm and in control. No longer will you allow others to exercise control over you. You are in control.

You are a beautiful, intelligent and worthwhile person. And every day from now on, you will become more completely the person you really want to be. You are confident, relaxed, poised, charming, optimistic, and firm in your resolution to do what you want for your own happiness.

Never again will you be a slave to anything, to any person, or to any job. You are your own person, and you are in total control.


When you see people, you feel very talkative and very happy, and you talk and you smile.

You push yourself to go out and mix socially with people. You feel very at ease in the presence of people.

You push yourself to meet the people. You take the initiative. You feel the drive to go out and meet the people, and you start the conversation with ease.

You feel the energy, drive and desire to go out socially, and you go out socially.

You feel positive that everything in life will work out for you, and you feel good about it.

You feel confident that you are just as intelligent as anyone else and even more so. You realize that you can talk and think just as intelligently as anyone else, and you feel in all situations.

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