Transform Your Life By Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a technique in which you focus yourself to attain desired goals or any belief by putting positive suggestions into your subconscious mind with the help of relaxation.

It's a state of mind in which your conscious mind is by-passed and communication begins with the subconscious mind.

In this technique you can add those qualities or habits which you think you don't have, similarly you can change anything about yourself that you don't like.

You are continuously hear various negative things from your surroundings without knowing that your subconscious is recording all these things and they can affect you and your task.

It allows you to reprogram your subconscious mind to exclude those negative thoughts and to achieve greatest success in your life.

During hypnosis you'll not be asleep but in the altered state of consciousness. You will be aware of what is happening around you but you will have your concentration focused on one specific thing.

During this process your mind becomes receptive for implanting suggestions, thus allowing you to plant suggestions directly into the subconscious.

No need to worry here because you won't do anything that you do not want or normally do.

You Are Using Hypnosis Unawarely

Have you ever experienced that you have been too much concentrated in any work and suddenly when your attention diverts to time factor you wonder, how much time has been passed.

We experience hypnosis many times during the day and we are unaware that it has happened.

Here are some examples of hypnosis in your day to day life...

• Dreaming at day time.

• Driving a car for a long period.

• When reading an interesting book.

• When playing sports.

• While watching a movie or television.

• When listening music.

Self Hypnosis Is Not...

• Self hypnosis is not a relaxation, but yes relaxing the body is one way to remove your conscious awareness to increase the level of concentration.

• It is not sleep, actually, hypnosis is more like the state between awake and asleep.

Things You Can Do With Self Hypnosis

There are several things you can do with this technique which is related to you and your mind. Here are some practical examples:

Release pain

Quit smoking

Improve body

Weight control

Mind development

To Improve Memory

Enhance your sex life

Heal your body and mind

Deal with phobias and fears

Come out from sleep disorder

Feminization of your mind and body

Relieve stress, anxiety and depression

This list is lengthy, and it would be much longer if every application of this technique is mentioned. Generally, any issue, problem and situation could be solved and any goal can be achieved by using hypnosis.

How To Do Self Hypnosis

1.Remove or loosen your tight clothes . It is necessary to be comfortable during the session.

2. Turn off the television and your telephone . It is necessary, you are disturbed for next 15-20 minutes.

3. Select a comfortable place where you can sit or lie down.

4. Be in a comfortable position so that each part of your body can relax. Do not cross your legs, this cuts off circulation.

5. Relax yourself from the top of your head, down to the tips of your toes.

6. Then start repeating your goal and go deep with it.

7. Use your imagination, for you will be doing a lot of this as the course progresses, that it has happened already with you.

8. After completing these processes start terminating your self hypnosis session.

9. Count from 1-5 and with each no. start coming out of this session.

10. Open your eyes, feel relaxed, refreshed and rested.

We all have done this many times without, perhaps realizing how the subconscious responds to the image we give it.

If Not Getting Results

Hypnosis is a skill that you can learn and master, but it improves with practice, after all,"Practice Makes a Man Perfect".

Don't expect results in first 2-3 weeks because your subconscious takes times to enforce your belief and it comes by the repetition of your goal.

The more you practice, the deeper your trances will become and when the deeper your trances become, the quicker you will experience your result.

For going deep in your trances, first you need to know how to relax better. To find out this information please go through Relaxation Techniques

Use self hypnosis tapes, it will help you to make your trances deep. You can use your recorded voice also.

Keep a record of the time and duration of the self hypnosis sessions, especially for the first two weeks.

After that, you will feel the benefits and be more likely to practice everyday.

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