Sensual Hypnosis For Those Plesureful Moments

Are you bored with your sex life?

If so, then why not give sensual hypnosis a go. It can increase your sexuality so that you too can enjoy all of the pleasures of sex.

The senses are the greatest gift that we have been given to us by god.

We have of course five main senses; sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. If we can use all of these senses during sex, then the sex we experience will be erotic, sensual and divine.

Sensual Hypnosis

Why do you think that most of us don't feel sensual in our sex life?

It is actually a natural feeling for both men and women. Men will normally find anything repetitive becomes boring.

The senses will therefore stop stimulating them and the feelings will become neutral.

This then leads men to move on from one woman to another. Eventually though men will discover that even this fails to satisfy them.

Women though have a far greater range and richness of the senses. In response to the lack of feelings from her partner, she too will become bored and unsatisfied, and how is an unsatisfied woman going to be able to satisfy her man?

This is where hypnosis can play its role. Hypnosis will allow anyone to be able to express their feelings, feelings from the depth of your heart. This will then manifest itself through touch and smell, and will highlight your passions, obsessions, fantasies and excitement.

All this will be able to create sexual sensations in your body, mind and soul.

How hypnosis Works

Hypnosis works by removing all of the blocks that are present in the sensual system.

It doesn't matter where the block is, be it in your body, or your conscious or your unconscious mind.

Hypnosis will command your subconscious mind to focus on, and then zoom into the feelings of sexual pleasure, communication and mutual satisfaction.

Hypnosis can also be customized dependant upon many of your own circumstances, things like age, sex, nationality, attitude and desires.

Magnetic Aura

Magnetic aura is one of the ancient kamasutra techniques.

It is a technique that can be used by anyone, even if they are alone.

There are no obstacles to its use. Once it is being used you will find that your partner will respond automatically.

After you have gone into a deep trance, imagine that you are having sex, and you will see that there is a magnetic aura of energy covering both of you.

This energy is alive, vibrant and powerful, it will able to take you into a whole new depth of arousal, a completeness of sex, combined with total satisfaction.

The best time to undertake this transformation is shortly before you are about to have sex. You will find that you are able to enter into this magnetic aura in a casual and natural way.

With practice, and even after just a few days, you will find that you have managed to activate new senses, which you did not even know you had. Both you and your partner will find the benefits.

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