Spirit Hypnosis To Find Out Who You Are?

By spirit hypnosis you can find out who you are?

• Beyond your body

• Beyond your mind

• Beyond your being

• Beyond your knowledge

It is the most fabulous hypnosis experience...

Because its about the ultimate goal of your existence.

Read on to EXPLORE your own Self...

Who You Are?

When I was 7 years old, I used to question myself.

Who am I?

From where have I come?

WHO created this world?

One day I asked these questions to my mother, and received unsatisfying old ritualistic answers.

I started searching my answers in books and lectures of enlightened people.

One day I found an old MASTER, telling what I was searching for.

He was the person who introduced me to spirit hypnosis.

He explained that over meditation and other techniques of spirit hypnosis can easily let you reach center of your being.

3 Steps of Spirit Hypnosis

Purity of Body And Mind...

If the surface of the glass is dirty then you cannot see through it, this is the same case between your body and mind.

Clean them by different mental and physical techniques.

Balance Them...

It is our Nature to be balanced but, modern man has forgotten the language of nature.

A set of hypnotic suggestions will let you to reveal that silent language of nature, to balance your body and mind.

See The Real You...

This is actually not a step that you have to take. It happens When you become complete, and you will be amazed that how can you ignore such a splendor inside "you"?

This method is one of the oldest examples of hypnosis, more than 2000 years old, obviously from that old master.

Note- You must notify me before you use this method by e-mail click here.

In a smoother deep trance, imagine that you are a medium sized onion in the sky. See the vivid textures of your body. Zoom into the being of an onion.

Now feel outer shell removed and disappeared, as the process continues all the shells disappearing slowly-slowly step by step.

In the end you will find nothing left, but pure "You". You'll be free from your body, mind and thoughts.

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