Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scripts

These are the "Stop Smoking Hypnosis Scripts".

The first script is the "Visualization". It can be recorded in your own voice, used with any relaxation method, and it can be used morning, noon and night.

The second script is "Positive Suggestion", read it, remember it and repeat it as part of your daily routine.

Continued repetition will soon assist you in your desire to stop smoking. Through repetition your will find that your subconscious mind will soon absorb the idea, and within a few days you will be living a smoke free and healthy life.

Note - If you find that you do not have time to use the "visualization" script, you can use the "positive suggestion" one by itself. Both scripts have proven to be very effective, and I have provided both so that you have a choice. You may find that one is better at meeting your personal needs than the other.


"I want you to imagine now that you have a cigarette in your hand. See the smoke curling up and getting in your nose…it smells terrible, like burning garbage. See the smoke curling up from the tobacco and feel it getting into your eyes. It stings your nose and it burns and hurts your eyes. It smells rancid and dirty. It smells just awful… filthy and dirty.

"Now put the tobacco away; you put it down in the ashtray and you walk away…away from that dirty, awful, evil smelling smoke... glad to be free of that dirty tobacco. From now on you will be completely free of any desire for even a single puff of tobacco in any form. Whenever you think of smoking you will remember that dirty awful smell and that foul taste. And you will be completely free of the desire for even a single puff of tobacco from now on."

"You will remain relaxed and calm. You will feel supremely confident that anything you set your mind to do, you can and will do. You will be successful and you will enjoy being successful. You will find it very easy to stay completely away from tobacco from now on. Because You will be relaxed and your mouth will be relaxed, you have no need or desire to smoke even a single puff ever again."

"Every night you will sleep like a log, and the first thing you know it will be morning and you will awaken feeling on top of the world. The longer you stay away from tobacco, the easier it will be and the better you feel every day. Whenever you practice your self hypnosis exercise you will go just as deep as you are now. By practicing your self hypnosis faithfully every day you will have the strength to stay away from, and you will stay away from, even the slightest inclination for a single puff."

This script refers to tobacco as smelling terrible, smelling like burning garbage with a taste to match. It is perfectly acceptable within the script to substitute words that you are more comfortable with. You may relate certain smells and tastes that are repulsive to you, and you will find that these are effective and can be incorporated into the "visualization" hypnosis script.


"Regardless of what happens at work I will feel relaxed. I will feel free of the desire to smoke the entire working time."

"I am in control of every aspects of my life. Cigarettes no longer have any part in my life. I am now a non-smoker."

"I will remain a non-smoker the rest of my life. I have made this healthy decision and I am happy with that decision."

"I am in control. Cigarettes have no control over me any longer. I have resolved to break the bad habit of smoking, and I have broken that bad habit."

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