Are you changing directions in Attempt of Avoiding being “Read” when dressed as a female?

(Have you ever been sitting in the car fully dressed as a female and trying to build up the courage to get out of the car and go inside? Don’t you feel that you need to have the confidence that you’re very attractive and ready to meet new people?)

When people are walking towards you, do you change directions?  This could be extremely frustrating.

And what’s a frustrating fact that you don’t know why you’re so afraid? What you do know is you’ve done your dressing and make up very well and your ready to walk, talk and act like a female.

Yet despite of being confident in your attitude, you’re anxious and somewhat afraid. And this anticipation of being read turns into an anxiety attack. So what blocks your confidence? What blocks your attitude of being an attractive female?

Are you facing lack of confidence? Because you haven’t convinced your subconscious mind about your transition

Your subconscious mind is lot like a computer without a “mouse and keyboard”

Have you ever seen a computer without a mouse or keyboard? How would you compose email without plugging in the mouse and keyboard? Even if you have to shut "it" down, you’re not sure what to do.

Your subconscious mind is lot like that computer without a mouse and keyboard

If you don't plug in "the" mouse and keyboard into your subconscious mind, you’ll not be able to communicate with it. Even if the mouse is missing you’ll be confident on wrong times. But how are you going to plug-in the mouse and keyboards that you don’t have?

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Part 1: Subconscious Feminization- A session for loosening up your grown male subconscious mind.

(Full Mp3 session: 22 Minutes) Value $39.95

Subconscious Feminization Download

My Recommendations:

I would recommend you to listen to this track for at least twice a week in starting and as you get acquainted with it, once a week would be nice.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help you out.

Just reply the email you received or use the contact from at the end of this page.

Happy listening :)


Part 2: How girls learn to walk and talk? (And how you can
learn the same way?)

And how to teach your subconscious mind
to take every step you need to act, talk,
walks feel like a woman.

PDF Report

Download How girls learn to walk and talk pdf

Part 3: The Ring Finger Trigger (full length session 22 minutes) Value 29.95

When you suppose to face a group of people, it’s easy to lose your attitude and posture.

Here is a simple trigger that enables you to instantly boost your confidence weather it’s an entrance of a mall, club or on a date.

How to listen: First week; three times, than once a week.


Mp3 Download

The Ring Finger Trigger Mp3

Part 4: How to avoid the anxiety that grips you? and be confident and comfortable with your appearance.

When faced with a situation in which you need to walk, talk, and act like a woman but doubt yourself, a blank space opens up in your mind.

What are the reasons for this blank space?

Find out in this educational audio, yes it’s not a hypnotherapy session, but something that you should listen to learn more about anxiety attacks and lack of confidence.

How can I avoid anxiety attacks Mp3 Download

Next Step

It is highly recommended to sign up for Public Arena Feminization Triggers under Special Offer Valid Till 06 March 2011.

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"What are you trying to pull?"

I feel more confident in just going out there and proving to myself that I can be feminine and no one's like yell at me or give me a look like "what are you trying to pull!" The sessions really do work whether your kind of easing back in the daytime before work or before bedtime. It doesn't just work on easing tension or making you more open to suggestion, you really do learn that there is a time where YOU CAN let go of your thoughts and release the tension from your body.

I absolutely would recommend. Being absolutely truthful, I don't think any ONE support product, therapy, session is can do it all, but this is an excellent supplement to many other support factors helping transgendered people (all who fall under this umbrella term) who wish to accentuate their feminine side. 

I thought maybe it would help in ways I would I always see or that maybe I wouldn't enter into the trance the sessions had hoped for.

Now I feel like the changes that I've helped to suggest to my subconscious are just slowly working themselves out even when I'm not aware.

It's very reassuring; it's about sowing the seeds of your own subconscious; it never feels like the suggestions are like I'm being pushed.

Thank you. Your products have been extremely helpful. I'm very passable Cheetu; ack in January; I do think of myself as Jen now, So thank you so much and whoever else helps you record your mp3s.


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Introducing Public Arena Feminization Triggers…

Public Arena Feminization TriggersThe Public Arena Feminization Triggers is a system that enables you to overcome the fear of being “Read” in public places. It’s a system that doesn’t allow anxiety to even rise.

It provides you the mouse and keyboard for your subconscious mind; it allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind. It teaches you how to convey your message to your subconscious mind, without any struggle.

Struggling is unnecessary….

That's because struggling creates and unnatural situation. The Public Arena Feminization trigger doesn’t teach you to fight with your subconscious. It doesn’t force feminization. It’s not a system that feminizes you without your own will.

Instead it teaches you how to walk, talk and feel like a women subconsciously.

It teaches you how to walk and talk without thinking; it teaches you where you think too much. And it gives you simple hypnotic triggers that you can enable and disable anytime you want to.

Not only could you trigger feminine walking and talking, but you’ll be mentally blended as a female, that takes blank space out of your mind.

So what’s the “Blank Space” inside your mind?

When you apply makeup and dress to fit the occasion, you feel a sort of emptiness inside your mind. And later on as you move out, this emptiness is filled with anxiety and lack of confidence.

And once this blank space is occupied by anxiety, it is nearly impossible to overcome it, What if you can fill this blank space with confidence and attitude?

How to bubble up with confidence the moment you dress up? How to meet people with attitude and feel comfortable with your appearance? Public Arena Feminization Triggers will help you to neutralize all anxiety and automate your feminization.

You are going to get Reliable results is because of three reasons…

Three reasons why Public Arena Feminization Triggers will achieve the desired result.

Reason 1: The Public Arena Feminization Triggers is a system that doesn't allow anxiety top even "rise”
Reason 2:  Subconsciously automate the process of walking talking and acting like a female.
Reason 3:  With Public Arena Feminization Triggers you’ll fill the blank spaces inside your mind with confidence.

So what’s in Public Arena Feminization Triggers and how it can help you?

How your subconscious goes through feminization:  Do you ever wonder why you're subconscious get confused about your identity? Don’t leave the Identity confusion to chance and let the anxiety rise. People don’t want to see you in anxiety. They want to see a confident woman. So how does your subconscious process feminization and what causes identity confusion.

The Inner women: The most important factor of feminization is feeling like a woman inside. But how do you feel like a woman inside? How do you feel like a woman inside when you’ve got multiple dimensions to do so? How do you feel like a woman inside in all dimensions simultaneously? Public Arena Feminization Triggers shows you how to. Ignore this feeling centre and you get close to zero-satisfaction and mundane results.

Is your subconscious mind a computer without the mouse and keyboard?:  Does your subconscious mind actually execute your commands like a computer? Would you believe that it never fails to do that? Public Arena Feminization Triggers is a tool that allows you to understand the predictability of an anxiety attack. The moment you understand how the “Subconscious mouse and keyboard the concept” works, you’ll see that your will feminize you, regardless of the situation or place.

The lipstick trigger: This one method will change everything you have learned about your feminization. Users have changed the way they get ready, they way they dress up, their whole way of thinking about going out. When you use this trigger you’ll deactivate all anxiety and move with confidence. You’ll feel confident about your appearance and attitude.

The futility of efforts:  most of us believe that we should place our best efforts in what we do. And efforts work, but they fail totally if we try to fight old habits and behaviors. So where should you make your efforts?

Female Movements and gestures:  The core of gaining confidence is female movements and gestures. But how are you going to do that, no one has taught you how to walk talk like a female. Public Arena Feminization Triggers not only automates the process of walking and taking, but you will actually feel the inner woman is taking each step. And this inner woman will guide you subconsciously, without even thinking about it.

The simulator: it is very fine to be confident when you’re sitting in your room, but how to be confident when you need to be? There is a simple way to simulate lack of confidence and there is a simple method to simulate different anxieties you face. And with this simulate method you’ll easily win over anxieties.

Hypnosis can't help me to become the woman that I am inside!

My hesitation was that hypnosis can't help me to become the woman that I am inside. It helped me to gain confidence as a female.  My actions and attitude became more natural and flowed easily because I did not have to consciously think about my feminine deportment it was just happening at a subconscious level.

The easy to follow directions and the GREAT support and encouragement from you.

"About The Inner women session"

Fantastic - I was touched to tears because it is exactly how I feel.  I want everything I know about being a woman to become so natural that is occurs without thought but just happens and your script does that. 

I do not think there is anything else out there that takes on that challenge in helping us girls to jump tracks and put our trolley on the "pink line" of natural feminine thinking, talking, walking, mannerisms, flirting and being healthy contributing members or our environments and societies.  You are genius.

Monica Bozkurt :)

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Public Arena Feminization Triggers is designed to do the following:

1) Enable you to communicate with your subconscious mind, which is required to automate the process of walking and taking
2) Creates one core feeling centre “The Inner Women”
3) Enable you to interact confidently with people, without being at struggle with yourself.

Public Arena Feminization Triggers uses a simple system to achieve the above

1) Post hypnotic suggestions
2) Simple relaxation methods
3) Action Based triggers
4) vivid visualizations
5) The Action guide

Post hypnotic suggestions: every suggestion is structured clearly, so suggestions conveyed to your subconscious mind, and then your subconscious mind accepts the suggestions. This leads your subconscious mind to trigger your body and mind. And helps greatly when you need to walk talk and feel like a woman.

Simple relaxation methods:  Even before even the trigger is placed there are simple relaxation methods, they aren’t just relaxation blah, blah but rather 7-8 minutes of powerful deepeners that enables you to achieve deep hypnotic state.
You get more relaxed and easily every time you use them.

Action based triggers: There are two action based triggers in Public Arena Feminization Triggers, their action plays an important role, they don’t allow your mind to access negative emotions, but more importantly these actions are voluntary triggers and they work on auto pilot after you have used them few times.

Subconscious language:  Your subconscious understands visuals more than words, so there is vivid visualization within the sessions. The visualizations enables you to communicate in the language your subconscious understand. And make sure that there is no miscommunication between the lines.

The Action Guide:   The Action guide (build for real person) shows you how to outperform fears step by step. There are specific steps you need to take to activate each trigger. In addition to triggers there are several other factors explained in detail.

What’s different about Public Arena Feminization Triggers

Public Arena Feminization Triggers is just not an idea or concept, it’s a system. It gives you clear tools to implement the system. Besides they are triggers that work subconsciously and no effort is needed. So you can be at east about going out.

But there is something unique about Public Arena Feminization Triggers; it is Built upon real life situations that you could imagine about. Because it’s built on subconscious learning, the system works for most cultures, and in small or big public places you want to go.

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Important reason’s you shouldn’t delay

#1: Fear of being Read

Most people are focused on makeup’s, they tend to look like a female, and despite they’re afraid of being “Read” all the time. The Public Arena Feminization Triggers instantly boosts your confidence because it helps you to automate feminine walking, talking and emotions.

#2:  Give you the confidence as well as attitude

The biggest problem of all is not feeling feminine inside, and doubts about yourself. Public Arena Feminization Triggers not only gives you confidence, but also give you attitude to forge ahead.

3#: There is not risk

The Public Arena Feminization Triggers is 100% guaranteed for a whole of 60 days, take your time to listen the track. If you find that the tracks aren’t suitable for you, simply send us an email. We’ll be happy refund your money with a smile (you don’t have to fight to get your money back).

It’s not a club/mall/movie theater issue; it’s an issue of blank space inside your mind.

Customers ask if the Public Arena Feminization Triggers will work where you need to ask for a drink, browse the clothing in stores, purchase a movie ticket, showing your ID to the doorman at the club.

It will help you to step out of the car and walk through the parking lot towards the entrance to the mall. Walking confidently through the door entering the mall accompanied by other people around you and people passing you in the other direction.

When you’ll use the trigger you’ll realize that it’s an issue of blank space inside your mind, not restricted to locations or situations.

Complete Details Of Public Arena Feminization Triggers

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Format: You will get audio files in mp3 format and an e-book describing how to use them for desired results. At an additional cost of $10 USD we can send you a CD containing all files. For this option, please order the CD version

Delivery: The audio files will be delivered via the Internet or on a CD.
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Support: Yes, I give my full support to all customers and subscribers of 'Public Arena Feminization Triggers'. If you experience any problems or feel uncertain regarding our products, you can e-mail me and I will do my best to help you. I respond to e-mails within 24 hours or less, so support is always near when you need it. :)

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Non-Natives: Yes, non- native English speakers who understand basic English can use 'Public Arena Feminization Triggers' without problems. The inductions are kept in very simple language, and our narrator has a standard accent, and clear diction. For the improbable case that your listening comprehension skills fail you in places, we provide full English transcripts.

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Is there a special? : Price is the same for all customers in all countries

What you’ll learn with Public Arena Feminization Triggers

Public Arena Feminization Triggers

-why filling in blank space is way more important then trying to overcome anxiety.
-The fundamental mistake in filling your inner space
-Why an incredibly entry done in wrong posture fails flat?
-Why Triggers work and how they connect and disconnect anxiety -attacks?
-How to boost your confidence at doorway entrances?

-The Secret of Confidence: Without it, it doesn’t worth going out.
-When efforts should be avoided? And where to place them?
-The understanding of connectors, why connections is critical to -overcoming anxiety attacks?
-Why you lose confidence, when you try too much?
-How to create subconscious habit?
-How subconscious habits boosts confidence (even at dates)

-Three steps to create subconscious habits?
-Why applying Lipstick becomes an easy trigger in your subconscious mind?
-When to apply lipstick?
-The mistake of not carrying you lip stick
-The Importance of ring figure trigger?
-How to use confidence booster trigger without anyone noticing
-The Simulator to test your triggers in safe zone?

And of course you can imagine that there is a lot much more in Public Arena Feminization Triggers.  The Public Arena Feminization Triggers is created in a systematic manner which is easy to implement.

The Product Contents

#1 The Public Arena Feminization Triggers Action Guide (PDF):  

The Public Arena Feminization Triggers Action Guide works like a TV remote. Have you ever tried to operate a TV without a remove, its painful?

Most hypnosis packs are created without any guidance and there is no how to when to what to. Plus they take for granted that everyone knows the fundamentals of using hypnotherapy sessions and they don’t even discus that.

There is not education; they just give you the mp3, or Send CD plus you don’t get to know the fundamentals of using recorded hypnosis sessions
With Public Arena Feminization Triggers Action guide, you’ll; earn the principals of. The principals that enable you to use other recorded hypnotherapy sessions very successfully.

#2 The Inner Women Session (MP3):
(How girls learn to walk and talk like females?)

Is that natural in their system?  And how can you learn it? At the age of 13-14 girls start to copy every aspect of being a woman, the walking pattern, the taking pattern, the overall behavior. 

They learn everything one by one. And they take long time to do so. They integrate this learning very slowly into their habits.
So how can you do the same but at a very high speed? The inner women session will allow you to speed up this learning process and years pass in minutes.

#3 The lipstick trigger (MP3):

Say yoga and you get relaxed, so why just the name yoga and meditation takes you at ease and how can you use the act of applying lipstick for instant feminization.

And more than that automate all feminine movements, gestures without any doubt inside your mind.

#4  The Ring Finger Trigger (Mp3):

When you suppose to face a group of people, it’s easy to lose your attitude and posture.

Here is a simple trigger that enables you to instantly boost your confidence weather it’s an entrance of a mall, club or on a date.

#5 Binaural Beet special relaxations ( 2 Mp3's):

What is the first thing you should do after you have planned to go out? So you could bubble up? How to relax your brain?

A 6 minute special binaural beet mp3 session, that neutralizes your out flowing influx of thoughts. Find out how to save your vital energy for later time.


#6 The Truth About Hypnotic Triggers (PDF):

What are Hypnotic Triggers? And how they trigger? Why a specific situation leads you to do specific actions? Where situation may be a doorway entrance and action could be depression.

So how do you flip it and use an action to trigger confidence.

And How to train yourself to push the triggers within microseconds? and make sure you’re confident before the situation triggers anxiety.

The Subconscious Layer Session (180 Minute Mp3 worth $29) (With Special Bonus Pack)

When you are awake your conscious mind rejects new thoughts, which helps prevent your subconscious from letting in random thoughts, but it also makes it impossible to communicate with your subconscious.

The subconscious layer session is a 3 hour (181 minute) special track designed to be used when you go to bed (once a week). When you sleep your conscious mind offers the least resistance, and it becomes easy to reach and access your subconscious.

The first 70 minutes will help you fall into a deep sleep. The remaining 111 minutes will slowly send subliminal messages to your subconscious.

These subliminal messages penetrate to the deepest layers of your subconscious where they implant an entire system of Public Arena Feminization Triggers.

Session Customization Software (Mac/Win compatible software valued at $39) (With Special Bonus Pack)

You are not a native speaker of English and feel the voice in your hypnotherapy session speaks too fast, making you unable to follow the instructions?

The session customization software will allow you to take control and taylor your sessions to your needs.

Just 3 clicks and you can increase/decrease the speed, adjust the volume or add pre-session relaxation music to the tracks.

This is just a taster of what can be accomplished by Mac/Win compatible software.

The Public Arena Feminization Triggers Special Offer Valid Till 06 March 2011

Special Offer
Track Count
Mp3 Download
CD By Air Mail + Mp3 Download
The Inner Women (Mp3)
The Lipstick Trigger (Mp3)
The Ring Finger Trigger (Mp3)
Binaural Beet (Mp3)
Triggers Action Guide (PDF)

The Truth about Hypnotic Triggers (PDF)

Special Bonus Pack (Only Before 06 March 2011)

The Subconscious Layer Session
(180 minute Mp3 worth $29)


Session Customization Software
(Mac/Win compatible software valued at $39)


Special Price

6 Hypnosis sessions+ Bonuses

US$49.75 (This special is only valid for this page)

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Pay Safely With Any Of The Options Below

Special Bonus Pack (Offer Valid Till 06 March 2011)

To pay by credit card, Paypal & Bank Account


Mp3 Download (Instant Delivery)


CD Version+ Mp3 ( CD Ships within 24 hours)

If this product appeals to you there is something you should know: It costs less than a fancy dress, yet has the potential to propel your personal development to new heights. With its simple instructions and accessible sessions it will allow you to unlock the sensual, beautiful woman hiding inside you, and enable you to live the life of your dreams. This is a lifetime opportunity, an investment in your own happiness you want to make as soon as possible!

They're also guaranteed!

Once you decide to try our product, all sessions are guaranteed 100 %! If you are not satisfied, simply ask for your money back. We have a 210 days money-back guarantee, so you can take your time to decide. :)


If the system does not accept your credit card or if you have any questions that have been left unanswered, please e-mail me directly and let me know how I can help. I am always interested in your feedback. I will keep any feedback and contact details strictly confidential.

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