Why Your Sexual Desires Never Become Glorious Experiences?

It doesn't matter what your Sexual Desire is, be it...

• Greater sexual desire
• Greater sexual confidence
• Total excitement
• Complete satisfaction
• Increased pleasure
• Great arousal
• Great orgasms
• Increased enjoyment
• Release of inhibitions
• Increased libido
• Longer lasting intercourse
• Multiple orgasms
• More sensitivity
• New sexual ideas
• Heal premature ejaculation

It is not uncommon to find that rather than fulfilling your sexual dreams you end up with a sense of frustration and guilt. You may have even looked to other solutions, including steroids, pills, therapy and various toys.

There is though a reason for failure to achieve your sexual desires.

Negative Beliefs + Negative Attitude + Negative Thoughts = Negative Results

Throughout your life you have probably been told about sex and its pleasure in a negative light.

This negative image may well have been increased with issues of intimacy, traumatic sexual experiences, and parental teaching. All this will have meant a negative impression being left within your subconscious mind.

And this is the root of all your sexual problems, so...

This will mean that even when you are trying to enjoy sex, your subconscious mind will not allow you to, and will cause the problems listed above.

You Can't Change It Consciously!

You may focus your entire consciousness on enjoying sex, and fulfilling your desires, you will find only failure though as your subconscious mind will not allow you to experience sexual pleasure.

Your subconscious mind cannot be changed directly either. It has been shown that your subconscious is ninety times stronger than the conscious mind, and is therefore less susceptible to direct changes.

Change can only be made by changing the subconscious pattern, which in turn will allow changes to thoughts and attitudes.

These changes can be achieved through a passive and silent approach.

How to Control the Subconscious Mind Easily?

As previously mentioned the subconscious mind is not something that is easy to deal with consciously.

It is though something that can be easily dealt with when you are relaxed and focused.

The relaxed and focused approach is achieved through self hypnosis, where through a systematic approach you can control and command your subconscious mind.

We have undertaken a very thorough research process where eight thousand people were surveyed.

Through this research we have been able to develop a step by step self hypnosis program that can transform sexual desires.

It has not been an easy development process but we certainly feel that six months of sustained effort has brought extremely successful results.

Which Sexual Desires?

Through our research we quickly realized that each sexual desire is very much unique to each individual.

It took us what seemed like a life time of work to read through and understand eight thousand sexual desires. I am truly grateful to all of those who participated in the survey, and it has given us a whole new insight into sex and sexual problems.

It would of course be impossible to list all eight thousand desires and problems that people told us about but there are a few listed below…

• Remove boredom and experience a new sex life.
• Enhance the sexual experience.
• Allow arousal and orgasms under hypnosis.
• Erotic excitement to my sex life.
• Enjoy more sex.
• Increase sexual appetite.
• Enriching experience that will please.
• Release inhibitions and increase libido.
• Not get satisfied
• Duration of sexual intercourse.
• Erotic feelings.
• Multiple orgasms, Premature Ejaculation, better sex over all.
• Be able to get erection multiple times in one session more easily.
• Have my whole body feel the enjoyment.
• Increase in drive and performance.
• More feeling in the right places more sensitive to touch.
• Become more daring and creative in bed.
• Have stable desire to my partner.
• Feel more pleasure during sex.
• Better erections; confidence.
• To not feel intimidated; to not experience jealousy.
• High level of arousal and pleasure to last longer.
• More regular earth shattering sex.
• Lack of interest and lack of performance.
• Lack of staying power.
• Open sexual expression with my partner.
• To climax more and to be more excited.
• Difficult for me to reach orgasm.
• Letting go of inhibitions.
• Playing in short period.
• Tough to get aroused.

For Thousand's Of Problem Only One Solution! It's Impossible...?

It may seem an impossible task, but we have come up with that one solution…

It is a unique and proactive solution for all of the unique problems that we all have experienced. We have created and developed a hypnotic catalyst that allows you complete access into your subconscious mind.

With this tool you will able to transform your sexual dreams and desires into real life experiences.

It doesn't matter what your problem is, this is a PROACTIVE SOLUTION that will provide visible and long lasting results. With this product you will see that your sexual problems have totally disappeared.

Introducing... "The "X" Hypnosis"


The X Hypnosis has not been developed as a solution to a specific problem; rather it is a tool that can be used to solve any sexual problem you may have. It doesn't even have to be a problem that has been already listed.

Our case study;

Mike After 11 years of boring married life, Mike had lost many of his feelings for his wife. The couple's sex life was mechanical and had no spice to it. Mike was one of those who took part in our surveys, and after a few emails decided that he was ready to give The X Hypnosis a go.

The Results…

Long Orgasms..... Extra Sensitivity..... Erotic Communication.....Da Da Ding. Mike was literally dancing in his emails.

All Mike had to do was push on a lever. A lever that allowed him to increase the lengths of his orgasms, a lever that increased his sensitivity and one that allowed for erotic communication.

But How Does This Lever Will Make Your Sexual Desires Real?

The lever is not an ordinary or a literal lever, it is though the implement that provides the power to transform your sexual problem, resolving it from its root. This is THE X LEVER.

The hypnotic session has been designed so that you too can be given this lever. All you then need to do is to put your own desires, dreams and wishes upon it.


Any SEXUAL DESIRE and your subconscious mind will transform it into a reality as you command and work this lever.

Here's What You'll Get With The X Hypnosis Package!

MP3 Audio Digital Download
"The X Hypnosis"

 erotic x love hypnosis

Product and Format

sex hypnosis guide
The X Hypnosis Action Guide (Pdf )

erotic relaxation
The X Hypnosis Deep Relaxation Session (Mp3)


The X Hypnosis Visualization(Mp3)


Contents of "The X Hypnosis"

Within The X Hypnosis you will find a set of tools all designed to change your frustration into satisfaction.

Action Guide: It's a step by step action plan that lets you unlock all of the potential pleasures that you and your mind contain.

Deep Relaxation: You will find that the door to your subconscious mind will remain locked and closed to you until you are able to attain a relaxed and submissive state. Once you have obtained that state though you will realise that the door was never actually locked in the first place. With the door now open you will find that all of your dreams are obtainable and all you need to do is walk through that doorway.

The X hypnosis Visualization: Without this visualization tool you will find that you will never achieve the potential pleasures that you so richly deserve. Once you find your way into your subconscious mind, you will find that you have been given a powerful lever. It is a lever that will ensure that you can communicate to and convince your subconscious mind of all of your dreams and desires. It is a method that is so effective and simple to use, that it will work every single time that you use it. No Exceptions!

The X Hypnosis Special Offers

The X Hypnosis™
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The X Hypnosis™

The X Hypnosis Action Guide

The X Hypnosis Deep Relaxation

The X Hypnosis Lever Visualization

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Consider this as well, the X Hypnosis Package, costs less than a good meal at a restaurant, but has the potential to totally transform your sex life through alterations to your subconscious mind.

It is one investment that is sure to pay off, and it is something that you shouldn't miss out on.

The Package is also guaranteed!

That's right one hundred percent guarantee! If you don't like it; just ask for your money back. We give a three month money back guarantee!

It may sound incredible, but I believe so strongly in the product that I want you to know that I really stand behind this offer.


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P.S. Remember, it costs less than a fancy meal at a restaurant yet has the potential to to transform your sexual desires into glorious experiences with this simple, useable sessions! This is one investment you want to make for yourself and as quickly as possible!

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