Downloading Troubleshoots For Windows

If you are facing any problem in downloading the files from our server, then this guide is for you…

This guide is for windows users, it doesn't matter which version you're using...

In Your Browser

We have placed the links working in universal format, each and every browser has the option of "save link as" or "save target as" when you right click on the download link. Now just save the file on your desired location.

In Firefox

The world is moving towards firefox. It is created by latest technology and the best part is that, it's free. I highly recommend you to use firefox because it's very safe, best and easy browser available today. It is very secured and prevent spyware

To download the firefox use the click on this link and after you install it go to the download page of my site and just click the "download link". Now firefox will ask you for the two options:

1. Open the file

2. Save file to disk

Choose "save file to disk" and firefox will automatically save the file onto your desktop.

In Your Player

All the players in windows like Winamp, Windows Media Player and Real Player have an option to open the remote files. Most of the time this option lies in the File menu "Open Url ", now what you have to do is, simply copy the "link location" by right clicking and paste into "open" url window.

Thus it will start buffering the file from our servers, and after the buffer shows 100%, you may play it there or choose in the File Menu "Save file as" to save the file to your hard disk.

Still unable to download the files?

If you are still facing problems in downloading, no problem. We have the solution; we have arranged a free download manager just for you, its "True Downloader" one of the most easiest download management software, to download this free software click on the link below.

True Downloder Download Link You may need winrar to unzip

Now you have to install the "True Downloder" just double click the setup file and you will be guided to install the software.

After successfully installing the software, run it from the start menu and programs.

You are done, just copy the location of the target file form the product download page and paste it into the "ADD URL" at the top left side of the window of True Downloder. Now press the "Download Now" radio button at the bottom of the window button.

By this process you may download any file type from our site, Pdf, Mp3 and zip also. The default folder where files are saved is C:Program FilesTrueDownloader temp, or you may set your preferences from the "Option" button given in the software.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by using this form.

Contact form link

We try our best to serve you but sitting in the other corner of the world, we can't handle entire pc troubleshooting, so please if needed concern your machine vendor also.

Best Of Luck,

Cheetu jaisingani,